Short-Term Rentals & Boarding Houses

Report a Violation

Short-term rentals are homes that tenants rent for less than 31 days and are regulated pursuant to the City of Irvine Zoning section 3-25-3.  Short-term rentals are prohibited in all residential zones. The posting, publishing, circulating, or maintaining of any advertisement of a short-term rental in the City is not permitted.     

Boarding houses, or rooming houses are residences where there are two or more rental agreements. Boarding houses are regulated based upon the Planning Area, and in many areas are out right prohibited.  For more information, or to determine if a boarding house use is allowed in your Planning Area through a conditional use permit, please refer the Zoning Code or contact the Planning Division at 949-724-6308.

To report a short-term rental or unpermitted boarding house occurring in your neighborhood, please contact Code Enforcement at