Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services


Neighborhood Services coordinates activities that preserve and enhance the character of Irvine’s neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Services staff are responsible for implementing the City’s Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan, Inclusionary Housing Ordinance,  and the federally funded Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership Act (HOME) entitlement programs. Staff responds to code enforcement concerns pertaining to violations of the City of Irvine Municipal Code, which includes building, zoning, sign, grading, noise and encroachment regulations. Neighborhood Services staff are actively involved in ensuring that residential properties are safe and sanitary and makes loans or grants available through our Residential Rehabilitation Program to assist homeowners in need of health and safety, building code, and accessibility related repairs. This Division also maintains updated information on local developments that offer affordable housing.

Staff Contacts:

Steve Holtz
Manager of Neighborhood Services

Code Enforcement 
Cassi Palmer
Code Enforcement Supervisor 

CDBG and HOME Programs
Charles Kovac 
Housing Administrator

Neighborhood Services
Keri Bullock
Neighborhood Services Analyst

Residential Rehabilitation Program
Amy Mullay 
Senior Planner

Affordable Housing Information
Andrew Douglass
Associate Planner