Lobbyist Regulations and Reports

The City’s Lobbying Ordinance (Irvine Municipal Code Division 7) regulates persons who are paid or compensated by others to attempt to influence City decisions. It requires certain individuals and entities to register as a lobbyist with the Office of the City Clerk and requires public disclosure by quarterly reporting of certain lobbying activities in the City.

City of Irvine Lobbyist Regulations

City Lobbying (Municipal Code Sections 1-7-101 through 1-7-110)

Basic Guide to Lobbying Registration and Disclosure

Current Lobbyist Registrant List

Reporting Forms

Initial/Annual Lobbyist Registration Form
Quarterly Activity Lobbyist Registration Form
Termination Lobbyist Form

2024 Lobbyist Reports
2015 Lobbyist Reports
2013 Lobbyist Reports
2012 Lobbyist Reports
2011 Lobbyist Reports