Things To Do

The Irvine Open Space Preserve includes an amazing variety of natural habitats and geological features, which provide residents of Irvine and surrounding communities a broad range of opportunities for recreation, education and stewardship. Whether you are interested in recreational experiences such as trail running or bird walks, or volunteer programs such as Fire Watch or citizen science, there are a variety of self-guided and docent-led public programs available in all four areas that make up the Irvine Open Space Preserve: Quail Hill, Bommer Canyon Preserve, Shady Canyon and Orchard Hills.

  • Enjoy self-guided hiking and mountain biking within the Irvine Open Space Preserve at Bommer Canyon Preserve and Quail Hill. View a map of daily accessible trails here.
  • A complete list of docent-led activities and programs available on the Irvine Open Space Preserve can be found at

It’s important to always keep in mind that the Irvine Open Space Preserve is protected habitat, and the City has a responsibility to manage activities on the land in a way that prevents or minimizes adverse impacts to rare and endangered species identified in the NCCP/HCP. Please respect the rules on posted signs and outlined in the City’s Reservation Policy and Municipal Code, as they are designed to keep you safe and the ecosystem healthy.

There are different opportunities and accessibility within different areas of the open space preserve based on a number of environmental factors including habitat sensitivity and seasonal conditions. For this reason, certain activities may be restricted or are allowed only with a valid access permit. Click here for information about obtaining an Access Permit.