How to Obtain Copies of Building Plans

The City of Irvine follows California Health & Safety Code § 19851 for all requests to duplicate the official copy of building plans maintained by the City.

The Office of Records and Information acts as an intermediary between the public and the licensed, registered, or certified professionals (the “copyright owners”) to ensure these copyrighted documents are not misused.  

The City is required by state law to send a certified letter to the copyright owners requesting permission to copy their plans.

Below are the required steps to obtain copies of building plans in the City of Irvine:

  • Determine the address of the building for which you want plans.
  • Call or visit the Office of Records to request building plans and confirm the plans are available.
  • If you are not the owner of the building, Health & Safety Code § 19851 requires you obtain a letter from the current property owner giving you permission to make copies of the plans of their property. Click here to download an Owner’s Authorization sample form. You may also have the property owner electronically submit his/her authorization at the following link.
  • Health & Safety Code § 19851 requires the City to obtain an Affidavit of Intent from the person whom is requesting copies of the plans. Your signature must be notarized. There is a Notary Public available in the Office of Records or you may use a Notary of your choice. Click here to download the Affidavit of Intent form. 
  • Submit your notarized Affidavit of Intent and Owner’s Authorization letter (if needed) to the Office of Records.

The Office of Records will send copies of these documents to each copyright owner via certified mail. The charge for the certified letters is set by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

California law states the City must allow the copyright owners 30 days to respond to a request for copies of building plans.

All document duplication fees are based on the City’s current fee resolution (City Council Resolution 13-51).