Irvine Community Alliance Fund (ICAF)

The Irvine Community Alliance Fund (ICAF) is a nonprofit organization created to support the programs and services offered through the City of Irvine Community Services Department. 

ICAF Purpose

ICAF was created to link individuals, organizations and businesses desiring to enhance City of Irvine Community Services Department programs and services. It is neither the intent nor the practice of the ICAF to define program needs or initiate fundraising. Rather, interested parties can identify a program or service need, then “affiliate” with the ICAF to facilitate fundraising efforts that they design and implement. Donated funds will then be allocated to the City program or service for which they were raised. City staff are responsible for documenting that funds are expended as a donor directs.

ICAF welcomes grant funding and individual donations. Donors may raise funds for, and/or contribute to, a wide variety of programs and services. Contributions can be one-time or donors can make an ongoing commitment. Donations are tax deductible in the amount allowed by the IRS. 

More Information

View meeting agendas here and minutes here.

For more information on the Irvine Community Alliance Fund, call 949-724-7659 or email