Welcome to the City of Irvine, Information Technology.

Technology plays a fundamental role in improving City services and providing residents and businesses access to their local government. The City operates more efficiently by leveraging the power of innovation as technology touches almost all aspects of our personal and professional lives. The City strives to deliver services that are user friendly, secure, reliable, accessible, and readily available.

We are working with the city leadership team, departments and the private sector to provide best-in-class services and to enable state-of-the-art solutions.

Our team is motivated, engaged, and dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and cost-effective solutions citywide. We invite you to engage and discover how the City is enabling innovative technology solutions for the community.

About the Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division is responsible for developing strategic initiatives, defining technology standards, and setting the overall direction to advance the use of information technology (IT), cybersecurity, and geographic information services in the City.

Information Technology Awards and Recognition

The City of Irvine received a 2021 Digital Cities Survey award from the Center for Digital Government, a national research and advisory institute focused on technology policy and best practices in state and local government.

Irvine ranked ninth place in the 250,000–499,999 population category for innovatively using technology to tackle social challenges, enhance services for the community, strengthen cybersecurity, and more. Irvine was recognized for:

  • Continuing to invest in its Transparency Portal, which provides residents with information on capital improvement projects and budget and finance news.
  • Enhancing digital services during the pandemic.
  • Providing Irvine residents an easy and accessible way to comment and participate in virtual City Council meetings. 

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS services are strategically placed under the Information Technology Division to emphasize the importance of GIS solutions and services. The GIS team focuses on collecting, analyzing, and disseminating city-wide geospatial information, which is presented in the form of interactive digital maps and systems to allow residents and businesses direct access to various information including flood zone map information in the City of Irvine.

GIS Awards and Recognition

  • City of Irvine ranked second most advanced GIS program in North America and the first U.S. GIS program to crack the top three in PSD's GIS Maturity Index.
  • City of Irvine Great Park Interactive web map featured in the Orange County Business Council's Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet nominee spotlight for Incorporating Innovative Technology Award.
  • City of Irvine's Public Safety and GIS received the League of California Cities Helen Putnam Award for the work done prior to and during the Silverado Fire including the online Evacuation Planning web map. This award was to PS but we played such an integral role they asked to attend the awards ceremony and we went on stage to receive it with them.

Strategic Technology Plan

Technology is governed by the City’s Strategic Technology Plan (STP). The STP is a five-year technical and financial planning guide, which forecasts the City’s investments in IT. The STP supports the City’s near-term needs and defines the strategic priorities to maintain operational viability, increase efficiency, and promote innovation. The City Council adopts the STP, setting priorities and funding for technology initiatives. In support of the City’s growing needs, the STP focuses on the following areas:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Open Data

We are proud of our record in implementing projects that are delivered on time, within budget, and always with customer service in mind. Our innovative efforts strive to provide the best services to our customers.