Parking Lot Modification


A parking lot modification (or "re-striping") permit is required when one or more of the following are proposed for any developed site within the City of Irvine:

  • Resurfacing an existing parking lot that will require parking lot re-striping.
  • Re-striping an existing parking lot with or without resurfacing.
  • The addition of any standard, carpool, compact, long term, motorcycle, parallel, or handicapped parking space.
  • Re-grading an existing parking lot that will require parking lot re-striping.
  • Modifying, adding and/or altering the existing on-site parking lot landscaping (e.g. landscape fingers).

For additional information please review our Parking Lot Modification Information Sheet

NOTE: If you are applying for a tenant improvement building permit or grading permit, the parking will be reviewed as part of the building plans if you designate that work on the application. A separate permit for the parking lot modification will issue with the building permit. A grading permit is required whenever removal of pavement exceeds 3,000 square feet or excavation exceeds 50 cubic yards. If the parking lot modification is being reviewed for grading and involves installation of an electric vehicle charging station, a separate building permit application will be required for the electrical components. For additional information on grading permits, consult the Irvine Grading Regulations or contact Tom Polson at 949-724-6367.

  • After you have completed and gathered all of the required documents, you will need to submit your permit application and plans electronically through the IrvineReady! Online Permit Submittal portal

Zoning Guidance

If trees or other landscaping areas are being removed/impacted, the application will need to show how the property will comply with landscaping, boundary tree, and parking lot tree requirements codified in the Zoning Ordinance

The plans will need to demonstrate compliance with parking requirements and dimensions outlined in Division 4 of the Zoning Ordinance

Building Code Guidance

Parking lot modifications may be required to comply with the accessibility standards in Chapter 11.B of the California Building Code. For questions, call 949-724-6313.

What Documents Will be Required?

  1. BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION PACKAGE. Be sure to check the "parking modification" box on the application.
  2. SITE PLAN that clearly identifies all grades and the area(s) affected by this parking lot modification. The site plan shall include the following:
  • A parking summary identifying the number of parking spaces proposed and the total number of spaces required based on the requirements outlined within the Parking Chapter of the City of Irvine Zoning Ordinance.
  • A building summary that identifies the total amount of gross square footage allocated by land use for each building on-site (e.g. office, R&D, manufacturing, warehouse).
  • A note referencing previous approvals (e.g. conditional use permits, parcel maps, variances, etc.).
  • Dimensions for existing and proposed parking spaces and drive aisles. Required dimensions include:
    • Handicapped spaces 14'-0" x 19'-0" (includes a 5'0" loading ramp)
    • Standard spaces 9'-0" x 19'-0"
    • Compact spaces 8'-0" x 16'-0" (Per City Council Ordinance No. 01-03, adopted March 13, 2001, new compact parking spaces are permitted only in parking structures that serve office buildings. Where existing compact stalls are proposed for restriping or resurfacing, please contact the Development Assistance Counter at 949-724-6308 for further information)
    • Long-term spaces 8'-6" x 19'-0"
    • Parallel spaces 8'-0" x 22'-0" (If a parallel space abuts 1 or fewer parallel spaces the length may be reduced to 20'-0")
    • Motorcycle space Minimum of 56 square feet with cement surface
  • Details of path of travel and access ramps for the physically challenged.
  • Identify any landscaping to be removed or replaced, and demonstrate how the property will comply with landscaping site coverage, boundary tree, and parking lot tree requirements

Please note, depending on the specifics of your project, additional plans, details, forms, exhibits, or support documents may be requested through the plan check process.

Submittal Instructions

READY TO BEGIN? Your application must be submitted online using the IrvineReady! Online Permit Submittal Portal. We recommend keeping this webpage open in a different tab so you can refer to the information below.

IrvineReady! works best on Google Chrome, rather than Safari or Microsoft Edge.

When you click the button below to go to IrvineReady, you will first be prompted to create an account, or to log into an existing account.

                 Video Link: How to Create an Account in IrvineReady!

After creating an account and logging in, click the green plus button to the lower right-hand side of the window to start a new submittal.

In the “Project Type” drop-down menu, select “For Permitting - Commercial Parking Lot Modification - CPKM” as the permit type.

                  Video Link: Preparing Documents for Upload into IrvineReady!


Next Steps

  • After submitting your plans, City staff will review the information for completeness within approximately two business days. If additional information is needed, you will be notified.
  • You will be emailed a link to pay required fees. Visit the Fee Schedule page for additional information and current fee rates
  • After payment is received, your project will be assigned for review.

In general you should anticipate five (5) business days for the initial plan check; if corrections are required, you will be notified.