Use Reusable Bags or Recycle Plastics Responsibly

Single use plastics such as grocery bags and plastic film can pose a serious environmental issue if not properly handled. Loose bags can be carried by the wind into storm drains and out to sea, while non-recycled bags can take decades to degrade if disposed of at landfills.

As such, Waste Management and the City of Irvine strongly encourage reusable bags whenever possible. However, if you find yourself needing to dispose of plastic bags, there are recycling options. For the most environmentally sustainable method and highest recoverability rate, please return your plastic bags to a participating retail center for recycling. You can find your nearest drop-off location at If placed in the recycling cart, please bundle plastic bags separately and keep all other recyclable items “loose” or unbagged. Please note that it is advised you return plastic bags directly to a retail center as plastic bags can break apart and degrade during mechanical processing at co-mingled recycling facilities. View additional tips regarding plastic pollution reduction.