Framework Plans Approved for Next Phase of Great Park Development

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

At its July 26 meeting, the Great Park Board took an important step toward securing Great Park’s place as a world-class, metropolitan park when it approved a framework that organizes City Council-identified priority projects as part of the next phase of Great Park’s development.

The framework vision incorporates plans which connect our community through various outdoor activities, attractions, and entertainment options.

These are characterized into four zones, which include:

  • Botanic Garden
    • A world-class botanic garden & Veterans memorial park.
  • Heart of the Park
    • A permanent amphitheater
    • Agricultural fields, working farm, and farm-to-table concepts
    • Meadow and lake features
  • Sports Complex
    • An aquatics facility in partnership with USA Water Polo
    • A gym and community center facility
    • Food and beverage programming
  • Cultural Terrace
    • Flying Leathernecks Air & Space Museum
    • Pretend City Children’s Wellness & Learning Center
    • California Fire Museum

As part of the phase one framework plan, staff has considered and incorporated components related to connectivity across Great Park and Great Park neighborhoods via multi-modal mobility options such as walking, biking, and a shuttle system. Parking, traffic, and safety considerations for Great Park residents have also been considered as part of the planning process.

The Great Park Resident Task Force will hold meetings in August and September to review the approved framework plan and implementation schedule. These will be followed by Great Park Board consideration of various contract agreements at its September 20 meeting.

You can view upcoming projects and future development plans at Great Park on the City’s website.