Jamboree/Michelson Pedestrian Bridge

White bridge spanning a street

The Jamboree/Michelson Pedestrian Bridge project within the City of Irvine aims to enhance pedestrian safety, relieve traffic congestion, and serve as a gateway monument for anyone entering the Irvine Business Complex. The bridge design will feature the following:

  • Structural Stainless Steel
  • Elevators
  • Glass Curtain Walls
  • Glass Safety Railing
  • Lock Up Devices
  • Corian Cladding (Complex Façade)
  • Geometrically Complex Cladding Frame Nodes (3D Printed, Cast, or Welded)
  • Timber (Black Locust) Deck Panels
  • Color Changing Lighting

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Formal PlanetBids advertisement for this project is anticipated late July/August 2024.

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We look forward to hearing from you about this project. Please direct your questions to the following contacts:

For general questions about the projects:
Darrell Hartman, dhartman@cityofirvine.org, 949-724-7556

For questions about bids:
Michelle Cardona, mcardona@cityofirvine.org, 949-724-7369