Animal Services

Working to Provide A Safe Community for ANIMALS and PEOPLE

The Animal Services Unit: 949-724-7092
Animal Services Supervisor: 949-724-7091
Irvine Animal Care Center: 949-724-7740
Irvine Police 24-Hour Line: 949-724-7200


Animal Services Supervisor Hope Darrow

Senior Animal Services Officer Jan Mandell
Animal Services Officer Al Gonzalez

Animal Services Officer Madison Morris


We are here to serve you
7 days a week | 7 am - 10 pm

How we serve you:

The Irvine Animal Services field operation is an integral part of the Irvine Police Department. The Animal Services program is committed to protecting people and animals, and promoting humane animal care and treatment. This is accomplished through both education and enforcement. By responding promptly to calls for service and routinely patrolling the city, we are able to effectively serve the needs of the community.  Brochures for tips and information about animals.




Prior to 1976 the City received animal services from the Orange County Animal Control and the Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In July of 1976, to better serve the citizens of Irvine, Animal Services became operational under the Department of Public Safety.

From 1976 to the present, the Animal Services Program has served the community well, providing service seven days a week.

Services Provided

  • Patrol the City; enforce local, state and federal regulations.
  • Respond to citizen complaints
  • Transport injured animals to care facilities
  • Pick up stray and abandoned animals
  • Return stray animals to owners when possible
  • Investigate, and complete animal bite reports and initiate quarantines.
  • Investigate and prepare cases for court
  • Regulate animal establishments, livestock, wild, exotic and non-domesticated animals.
  • Issue animal licenses
  • Assists in city sponsored vaccination clinics
  • Promote pet responsibility and kindness to all living creatures