Accommodation & Inclusion Support

Our mission is to ensure appropriate and equitable program opportunities. Accommodation services for those who qualify are offered to assist persons with disabilities participating in City of Irvine classes, activities, and programs. This includes temporary 1:1 inclusion support, modification of equipment, or modification of other methods resulting in making the City’s services readily accessible and usable.

Following an initial assessment, support staff and caregivers will identify long-term goals for the participant. Goals are developed to ensure the needs of the participant are being met. Disability Services will then support the participant by facilitating participation, socialization, or other program goals. As the participant acclimates to the program, support services will fade. Those participants seeking more permanent support will be given appropriate referrals. Reasonable accommodations may also be requested. This may include increased supervision levels, modifying equipment, adapting activities, and training on-site staff to ensure the needs of the participant are being met.

Please note: Due to staff availability and the social and recreational programs we are currently running, our 1:1 inclusion support is not a service we are in the position to provide. We understand that this is frustrating and appreciate your patience during this time. We are happy to provide other 1:1 inclusion support program resources and connect with other City park sites to help with any accommodations or modifications requested. To request an Accommodation Information Packet, or to inquire about our programs, please contact Disability Services at or 949-724- 6637.