Sample Waiver Letter



Mr. Steve Sherwood
Acting City Engineer
P.O. Box 19575
Irvine, CA 92623-9575

Subject: Concurrent Processing - Tentative Tract (or Parcel) Map No. ________

Dear Mr. Sherwood:

We are requesting that the City of Irvine begin the review process for our final map and other engineering documents (specify type of documents i.e., grading, street improvements, storm drains, etc.) prior to approval of the Tentative Tract (or Parcel) Map.

We understand that the final map and other engineering documents are being submitted at risk because the Tentative Tract (of Parcel) Map has not yet been approved. It is also understood, we could incur additional plan check fees due to plan revisions resulting from possible changes and/or conditions on the Tentative Tract (or Parcel) Map. We accept the responsibility for those types of changes associated with concurrent processing. Therefore, in accordance with Subarticle 5.6 of the City's Subdivision Manual, we are requesting that our submittal be accepted for concurrent processing.

If you have any questions or comments, please give ___________ a call at ___________ .