Improvement Plans

BR Bridge
MC Miscellaneous/right-of-way improvement
PC Parcel Case
TC Tract Case
TS Traffic Signal

The following items are required to be completed prior to acceptance by the City for processing:

You must have your assessor's parcel number

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Six (6) sets of blue line prints on City standard sheets. The following information must be provided on the plans or plans will not be accepted:
    1. Title sheets shall be signed by a registered civil engineer with registration number and date of expiration or labeled "For Plan Check Purposes Only".
    2. Conditions of approval and resolution numbers shall be referenced on any improvement plans intended to satisfy a condition of approval.
  3. Plan check fee is required to be paid in full upon submittal (See Fee Schedule).
  4. A stamped copy of the approved tentative map and a signed resolution of approval with the conditions of approval are required for PC and TC submittals.
  5. Two (2) copies of cost estimate on City standard form (all except TS submittals).
  6. Two (2) sets of hydrology and hydraulic calculations (for PC and TC submittals).
  7. One (1) copy of completed construction permit application form.
  8. Two (2) sets of specifications for TS submittals.
  9. Two (2) sets of structural calculations for BR submittals.

All materials shall be submitted in a complete and final form. No partial or incomplete submittals will be accepted without prior approval by the City Engineer.