The City of Irvine has adopted a Sign Ordinance, which may be found in Division 7 of the Zoning Ordinance. Certain types of signs require a permit, while other types of signs are prohibited. Some signs, like digital messaging signs, require review and approval from the Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, and/or City Council. For questions on signage, please contact the Planning Counter at or 949-724-6308.

Signs That Do Not Require a Permit

There are some types of signs that do not require a City permit. Although a permit may not be required, there are standards in place related to the size, location, and material of these signs. These include temporary residential real estate signs, temporary employment opportunity signs, and directional signs in parking lots. To view the full list and review the regulations for each, click here.

Prohibited Signs

Several types of signs are prohibited under the City of Irvine’s Zoning Ordinance. These include signs within the public right-of-way, rooftop signs, and animated or moving signs. For a full list of prohibited signs and related standards, click here.

Signs Requiring a Permit

The Zoning Ordinance identifies over 40 types of signs that require a City permit. The regulations can be very specific, relating to the number of stories in the building, whether the building tenants share access through a main entrance/lobby or have their own direct entryways, and whether or not the property is located in one of the City’s residential villages. Signage at a particular location may also be subject to a sign program, as described below.

Signs Requiring or Subject to a Sign Program

While the signage requirements apply citywide, some properties are subject to special requirements, as adopted within a Sign Program. Sign Programs are required when there are two or more property owners, when a property is within a residential village and contains an office, retail, or warehouse-related use, and/or when a property owner requests administrative relief from one or more of the Zoning Ordinance sign requirements. Sign programs are also required for specific types of signs, such as electronic messaging signs, decorative construction fences, icon signs, and supergraphic signs. Click here to review the full list of signs requiring a sign program. Most shopping centers, office/research complexes, apartment communities, and residential villages have their own sign program.

Before starting your project, contact the Planning Counter at or 949-724-6308 to see if your location is subject to a sign program.

For more information on sign programs, click here to review the Sign Program Information Sheet.

Sign Permits

Click here for more information.

Temporary Banner Permits

A business or non-profit organization may request a temporary banner to advertise a special or unique event, such as a grand opening or charity auction. There are seven types of temporary banner permits available, and there are standards in place for each:

Temporary (ground-mounted) event banners (Sign Type #39)

Temporary (wall-mounted) event banners (Sign Type #40)

Temporary (wall-mounted) business identification banners/signs (Sign Type #41)

Temporary banners for seasonal retail uses (Sign Type #42)

Temporary banners for annual agriculture sales uses (Sign Type #43)

Temporary banners for nonprofit uses (Sign Type #44)

Temporary streetlight banner signs (Sign Type #45)

For more information on Temporary Banner Permits, click here. To submit an application for a Temporary Banner Permit, fill out the application form and email it to