Reservation & Fee Policy

Below you will find reservation and fee policies for City facilities. To reserve a facility or field, see our Facility Use Applications page.

Reservation and Fee Policies

Aquatics Facility Reservation Policy

Athletics Facility Reservation Policy

Community Facilities Reservation Policy

Additional Fees

Aquatics Fees

General Fees

Indoor Facility Fees

Outdoor Parks & Open Space Fees

Sports Facility Fees

For more information about renting City facilities and picnic areas, please email or call 949-724-6620.

Collaborations, City Supported Partnerships and Sponsorship Agreements

The City values and encourages events, programs and services that advance City-wide policies and initiatives.

There are three (3) types of formal relationships defined in the current policy adopted May 25, 2011.

  1. City and Community Collaborations (see "Collaborations" section of the policy)
  2. City Support of Community Events, Programs and Services (see "City Supported Partnerships" section of the policy)
  3. Corporate Sponsorship of City Events, Programs and Services (see "Corporate Sponsorship" section of the policy)

For information about the Public Information Media Tool Kit, see section IV of the policy.

Click to view the Complete Collaborations, City Supported Partnerships and Sponsorship Agreement Policy (PDF)

Please review the policy and complete the Public Benefit Program Application (PDF) for consideration.

Applications must be submitted at least 14 days in advance to or at least 30 days in advance for facility use.

Return completed applications to: Community Services Department, PO Box 19575, Irvine CA 92606-9575 or fax to 949-724-6608 or email to
For more information about Collaborations, Partnerships or Sponsorships, please contact Wendy Brown at or 949-724-6730.

Customer Satisfaction Survey (PDF)

Patron Code of Conduct (PDF)