Nonprofit Organization Rental Information

The information below is a list of requirements for Nonprofit Organizations who wish to qualify as either a Category II, III, or V. The categories are utilized only for the purpose of determining fees and charges. Category status is determined based upon the type of event and individual or group who is reserving. Category status is determined when the reservation application is approved by reservations staff.

Nonprofit Organizations that are applying for the first time must submit all documents together, along with a completed Facility Reservation Application & Request.

  • The name of one (1) authorized applicant for the agency/organization. Click here for sample.
  • A copy of the agency's/organization's current certificate of insurance and a separate endorsement page listing the City of Irvine as additionally insured. Click here for sample.
  • A copy of the organization's State of California nonprofit incorporation papers or tax-exempt IRS 501 (c)(3) letter. Click here for sample IRS 501 (c)(3) letter.  Click here for sample State of Ca nonprofit incorporation papers. 
  • Copy of current City of Irvine Business License. Click here for sample.
  • List of officers, including names, titles, addresses and telephone numbers. Click here for sample.
  • For membership based organizations- a roster of current and active membership, including complete addresses with zip codes. *Note: membership roster is not required for organizations applying as Category V.
  • Non-membership based organizations only: a copy of current bylaws highlighting where it states "this corporation has no members." and letter on agency letterhead demonstrating their primary mission is fundraising for or service to Irvine residents.