Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I make a reservation? 
A. Applications, located here, are required to reserve City facilities and may be submitted by:

  • Email to
  • Fax to 949-724-6608
  • In-person delivery at the Irvine Civic Center, 1 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd floor
  • Mail to Facility Reservations, P.O. Box 19575, Irvine, CA 92623-9575

Applications are considered approved once the applicant has signed all documents and received a confirmed permit from facility reservations staff. Park site staff are able to check site availability but are not able to confirm reservations. All fees and deposits are due in order to confirm the reservation.

Q. How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
Applications should be submitted at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the event. All applications are reviewed in the order received and are not considered approved until the applicant has received a confirmed permit from facility reservations staff. The reservation calendar runs from January through December and reservations for the following calendar year are accepted through an opening day process in the fall (dates and application instructions are posted online here). 

Q. What City facilities can I rent?
 Rentable Facilities: A list of rentable facilities can be found on the Rentable Facilities webpage. Rentable facilities include rooms, some outdoor spaces, picnic shelters, and athletic fields/courts and can be reserved for one-time use or ongoing rentals. Applications are required and vary based on type of facility. Visit the Applications webpage for more information.

Picnic Shelters: Picnic shelters may be reserved at the Community Parks listed below. Reservations are required for groups of 50 or more people and are optional for groups smaller than 50. Shelters at all other parks, including Neighborhood Parks, are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and may not be reserved or used by groups with more than 50 people. Alcohol and vendors (e.g. caterers, entertainers, etc.) are not allowed. For more information, visit the Picnics & Bounce Houses webpage.

  • Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park (options vary)
  • Deerfield Community Park (up to 75 people)
  • Heritage Community Park (up to 200 people, requires special approval and insurance)
  • Las Lomas  Community Park(up to 75 people)
  • Mike Ward Community Park Woodbridge (up to 75 people)
  • Northwood Community Park (up to 100 people)
  • Turtle Rock Community Park (up to 200; seating for up to 120)
  • Woodbury Community Park (up to 75 people)

Athletic Fields: Fields located at City parks may be reserved for one-time and ongoing use through the City’s Athletics division. Field rental applications are located on the Applications webpage. For additional information about field rentals, email or call 949-724-6830. Drop-in use is allowed on all City fields for groups less than 50 people between 8 a.m. and dusk in areas not reserved. Drop-in users are required to leave immediately when groups with a reservation arrive.

Orange County Great Park fields can be reserved for tournaments, ongoing team practices and games, sports camps, and one-time events. Drop-in use is allowed for groups with fewer than 50 people between 8 a.m. and dusk on the North Lawn in unreserved areas. Drop-in users are required to leave immediately when groups with a reservation arrive. South Lawn fields are not available for drop-in use. For more information, visit the Athletics Fields webpage, email or call 949-724-6584.  ​  

Open Space: Designated trails on the Irvine Open Space Preserve are open to the public from dawn to dusk for passive use and recreation. Permits are required for the following types of use:

  • Groups of 50-100 people for planned activities such as mountain bike rides or cardio runs.
  • Groups of any size conducting commercial activity such as boot camps or professional photography.
  • Groups of any size planning a special event such as a private interpretive hike or equestrian outing on trails restricted to docent-only led activity.

For more information, visit the Open Space Permits webpage.

Q. How do I make a reservation at a County of Orange park (Irvine Regional Park, Irvine Ranch Historical Park, William Mason Regional Park, and Hidden Valley) or Irvine Lake?
For information about reserving county parks, contact or 800-600-1600. Irvine Lake is a private facility and can be reached at 714-649-9111.

Q. How much does it cost to rent a facility?
Facility rental fees vary based on applicant rate category, facility, number of guests, equipment used, and time of reservation. For the purpose of calculating rental reservation fees, there are six (6) rate categories, in order of lowest to highest fees:

I. City sponsored and co-sponsored events
II. Irvine incorporated non-profit organizations serving Irvine, including other governmental agencies, homeowner’s associations, youth sports groups, service groups
III. Irvine educational institutions
IV. Irvine residents (private functions, weddings, birthday parties)
V. Irvine businesses and non-residents
VI. Non-Irvine businesses 
Note: Documentation is required to determine the appropriate rate category. City staff are responsible for assigning rate categories in accordance with the City’s Public Facilities Reservation and Fee Policies, located here.

Fees are charged on an hourly basis, in 30 minute increments, and range from $0 to $527 per hour. Refundable deposits are required, and range from $50 to $400 per reservation. Multiple room rentals on a single reservation require multiple fees and deposits. Availability varies by site, with some venues available only after regular business hours. Applications are processed in the order received.
Additional rental costs and fees include: no-show, cancellation, change, unreserved hours, and after-hours fees; equipment rental fees; additional staff; porter/custodial and/or security service; and replacement fees for damage to City property incurred during the course of a rental.

For more information about rate categories, rental fees and deposits, site availability, and to receive a quote, contact facility reservations staff at 949-724-6620 or

Q. What services does a reservation include?
Indoor reservations include exclusive use of the room or space reserved and furniture related to requested set-up (e.g. tables, chairs, fixed stages – portable stages must be rented). Reservation also includes City staff support of one team member and staff supervision. If required, additional staff time is charged to the applicant at the City’s standard hourly rate. Reservations do not include food, supplies, linens, equipment (e.g., audio/visual, screens, dance floors, computers, etc.), or advertising.

Outdoor reservations include exclusive use of the area reserved, shared use of adjacent restrooms, and City staff support of one team member and staff supervision. Reservations do not include sports equipment, supplies, or advertising.

Q. Can I have a bounce house at a park?
Yes. Bounce houses are allowed with a $30 permit fee at the community and neighborhood parks. Some locations require a picnic area reservation in addition to a bounce house permit. Click here for more information.

Q. Are rentable City facilities open on holidays?
No. All City facilities are closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Q. Is alcohol permitted at City facilities?
Yes, with an alcohol use permit issued in conjunction with a reserved event at which alcohol will be served. The original application must indicate that alcohol will be served. Other requirements include:

  • Licensed bartender or serving attendant who has completed “Special Event Server Training” and is at least 21 years of age. Bartender/serving attendant may not consume alcohol at the event or be under the influence while serving.
  • Consumption of alcohol by guests will be limited to reserved facility buildings and/or designated picnic areas. Alcohol may not be consumed outside of reserved areas.
  • If there is a cost to attend the event, including admission by donation, or if alcohol is sold at the event, the applicant must also obtain a license from the Alcohol Beverage Control office. For more information, contact 714-558-4101. A copy of the A.B.C. license must be faxed to City facility staff at 949-724-6608 at least five (5) calendar days prior to the event.
  • Additional costs, at applicant expense, may include: alcohol use, liability insurance, and security officer fees (including City Public Safety department staff); City staff support; deposits; insurance; and access control plans.

Q. When is security required and how much does it cost?
Security service is required whenever:

  • Alcohol is served
  • Indoor attendance is 150 or more
  • Outdoor attendance is 200 or more
  • Indoor or outdoor event with 100 or more youth
  • City staff determines the event is high-risk or other special condition

Security services are provided only by the City’s contracted provider at the hourly rate negotiated by the City. Fees are non-refundable.

Q. How do I cancel or change a reservation?
 Cancellation and change requests must be submitted in writing by the applicant or event contact person to facility reservations staff (site staff cannot accept requests) by:

  • Email at
  • Fax to 949-724-6608
  • In-person delivery at the Irvine Civic Center, 1 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd floor
  • Mail to Facility Reservations, P.O. Box 19575, Irvine, CA 92623-9575

Cancellation fees apply as follows:

  • More than thirty (30) days prior to the event forfeit 5% of all payments made (except deposits).
  • Fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days prior to the event forfeit 50% of all deposits paid (all other fees paid will be refunded)
  • Fewer than fourteen (14) days prior to the event forfeit all fees paid, including security and insurance (except deposits); Category II/III applicants forfeit 50% of all deposits paid or all fees paid, whichever is higher.
  • Ongoing users are allowed five cancellations during the calendar year. The sixth and all subsequent cancellations will result in a $30 processing fee per cancellation in addition to the fees noted above.

Change fees apply as follows:

  • One complimentary change per application is allowed. Additional changes will incur a non-refundable $30 processing fee per change (e.g. time, number of attendees, location).
  • Fewer than fourteen (14) days prior to the event forfeit 25% of all deposits paid.

Q. How do I pay for my reservation?
 All fees and deposits are due to confirm the reservation. Payment by cash, check and credit card are accepted and can be made by:

  • In-person delivery (cash, check, or credit card) at the Irvine Civic Center, 1 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd floor
  • Mail (checks only) to Facility Reservations, P.O. Box 19575, Irvine, CA 92623-9575
  • Phone (credit card only) at 949-724-6620

Q. When will I get my deposit back?
 Deposits are returned to the applicant by the original form of payment (check if paid with check or cash or credit card refund) approximately four (4) weeks after the event if the facility is left in satisfactory condition (as determined by City staff). 

Q. Who do I contact if I have a question about a reservation or a problem to report?
 City reservation staff are happy to help with any facility reservation question or concern and can be reached at 949-724-6620 or by email. For site specific concerns, contact the location directly. 

Q. Is there a Code of Conduct for facility users?

A. The City of Irvine is committed to providing positive patron experiences in all City facilities and open spaces. The mission of the City in establishing this Code is to provide and maintain a safe environment where people can participate and play based on the principles of respect, restraint, and responsibility. View the Patron Code of Conduct here.