Find a Waste Hauler

IMPORTANT: CALIFORNIA’S RECYCLING LAW IS NOW IN EFFECT! AB-341 State Requirement to Recycle took effect on July 1, 2012, requiring recycling by most businesses, public entities, and multi-family units in California. To read about the law and how to comply, please visit our AB-341 page.

City of Irvine Commercial Solid Waste Collection Areas

To find a commercial waste hauler that services your area, type your business address in the search bar below (see top left hand corner of map) and refer to the legend.


Exclusive Village Commercial 
*Must use Waste Management of Orange County. Call 714-480-2300 or visit

Nonexclusive Commercial 
**Choose from the list of approved haulers.

Undesignated Open Space 
Note: temporary collection service (e.g., special bins for garage cleanups, construction projects, remodeling, landscaping, etc.) can be acquired from any hauler regardless of business location.

Once you have entered an address, the map will turn the color of the corresponding area. For a clearer view of your location, use the map’s zoom tool on the left to zoom out.