Great Park Sports Complex

At the Orange County Great Park, all-new amenities for tennis, volleyball, soccer and more are now open. From the whimsical playground to the 25 tennis courts and Championship Soccer Stadium, the first phase of the Sports Complex is sure to become Orange County’s premier recreation destination.

Great Park Sports Complex: Soccer 

The Sports Complex Soccer Stadium and fields are drawing players of all ages for youth and adult team practices and games; local, national and international tournaments; and professional teams and club games. Drop-in soccer is available at the North and South Lawn areas daily from 6 a.m. to dusk on a first-come, first-served basis when not reserved for team practices, tournaments or games. Additional lighted fields require reservations. Visit the Great Park Field Reservations page for more information on field availability and to request reservations.

Soccer Stadium
The Championship Soccer Stadium features seating for 2,500 spectators; locker rooms and training facilities; a box office; concession areas; an upper-level viewing deck; City athletics offices; berm seating areas; and a regulation soccer field. For reservation information, call 949-724-6584 or email

Soccer Fields
Six lighted grass fields, each 120 yards by 75 yards, include benches for coaches and players; a spectator viewing area; and 20-foot safety nets behind each goal.


Great Park Sports Complex: Tennis

A Tennis Center with a conference room and concession stand, along with 25 tennis courts offer space for: kids camps and lessons; adult team workouts; recreational programs; the Brymer Lewis Tennis Academy; and leagues, match play and championship tournaments. Drop-in courts will also be available daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, call the Tennis Center at 949-724-6400 or email

Tennis Complex
The Tennis Center includes a championship court with seating for 132 spectators and an additional 24 lighted tennis courts. The adjacent Tennis Center includes a conference room, concession area, restrooms and City athletics offices.

Browse and register for available tennis classes at the Orange County Great Park Sports Complex at

Tennis Center
Juniors (5-18 years old)
Monday-Friday: 11 a.m.-1 p.m., 3-5 p.m., 5-7 p.m.
Adults (18 and older)
Tuesday: 7-8:30 p.m.

Fee: $60 per two-hour session; discount packages available
Email to schedule a try-out.

The Brymer Lewis Tennis Academy at the Orange County Great Park offers players the ideal training environment for those who are willing to work hard to achieve rapid progress toward their tennis goals. Program coaches Chris Lewis and Chuck Brymer have produced United States Tennis Association (USTA) nationally ranked No. 1 players in every division, highly ranked professional tennis players, and champions of prestigious state and national tournaments including the Southern California Sectionals Triple Crown, USTA National Championship and Grand Slam Junior Championships.

Chuck Brymer is the tennis director of the Woodbridge Tennis Club in Irvine, where he owns and operates the academy. Chris Lewis is a former No. 1 ranked junior player in the world and Wimbledon finalist. 

Sports Complex Tennis Map

Great Park Sports Complex: Volleyball

Sand volleyball courts are now open at the Great Park Sports Complex, and are accessible through City programs and drop-in use daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Volleyballs are available for check out at the Great Park Visitors Center. Call 949-724-6400 for more information.

Youth Volleyball Lessons with Matt Taylor

Sand volleyball lessons are now offered for children ages 6-14. Classes include instruction on technique, drills and plenty of game play.

Register Here

Volleyball Courts

Volleyball courts at the Sports Complex include a championship court with seating for 178 spectators surrounding a sand court, and four additional lighted sand courts.

Sports Complex Volleyball Map


Great Park Sports Complex: Athletic Fields 

The Orange County Great Park has become a central location for Southern California sports and fitness activities. It is designed to accommodate the local demands of the sports community, while attracting high level, regional and national sports programs. Athletic field hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-11 p.m., and Saturday-Sunday 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Visit the Great Park Field Reservations page for more information on walk-on field use, or to request a field reservation for tournaments, team practices, games and more. Athletic fields may be closed due to inclement weather; view current field conditions here. For more information, call 949-724-6584 or email

The 30-acre South Lawn highlights two natural and two artificial tournament-quality, lighted fields; spectator viewing area; giant chess sets; extension of the Walkable Historical Timeline; a facility operations building with restrooms; and a one-mile Kaiser Permanente Thrive Path for walkers and runners.  At the west end of the South Lawn is a pair of reflecting ponds with a redwood viewing pier that offers visitors an opportunity to stop and take in the view, while serving as part of the park’s water management system. 

A non-lighted, 7-acre multipurpose recreation area is home to sports and activities of all types. From field reservations to an open recreation space for families to enjoy, the North Lawn offers an opportunity to explore one’s athletic abilities.

Great Park Sports Complex: Amenities 

Families visiting the Sports Complex for tournaments or just enjoying the Great Park are discovering amenities including the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Path and the new Children's Play Area, an interactive space with plenty of room to run, jump and explore for kids of all ages.

Children's Play Area
Sports Complex Playground
Great Park Playground
The Children's Play Area features slides, swings, jungle gyms, ropes, climbing areas and more – all within walking distance of the Sport Complex's volleyball courts, Tennis Center, soccer fields and Championship Soccer Stadium. The Children's Play Area is open during regular Great Park operating hours.

The Kaiser Permanente Thrive Path encourages visitors to exercise and explore the South Lawn and North Lawn areas. Signage along the path educates visitors about health, nutrition and fitness. It is a great way for parents to stay active while their children attend sports practices, and many utilize it as their daily run path. The Kaiser Permanente Thrive Path is open during regular Great Park operating hours.

Great Park Sports Complex: Future Phases 

Future phases of the Great Park Sports Complex will bring amenities for basketball, baseball and softball. At completion, the Sports Park will cover 194 acres at the heart of the Orange County Great Park.

Great Park Today (click image for magnified view):

Great Park Future (click image for magnified view):