High School Youth Action Team (HYSAT)

The High School Youth Action Team (HSYAT) provides high school students the opportunity to participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of services for their peers. The program consists of student representatives from local high schools who organize teen activities and represent their peers at various community groups. The program’s objectives include:

  • Youth Leadership: Engage youth in leadership roles in the community.
  • Community Services: Increase youth participation in activities that benefit the entire community.
  • Social-Recreational: Engage youth in safe and appealing social-recreational activities.

2017-2018 High School Youth Action Team Representatives

Beckman High School
Darren Gerchick
Jessica Stossel
Raquel Zeleznick

Portola High School
Ankith Desai
Dheitshaa Bala

Irvine High School
Melody Mehryan
Evan Park
Deondre Garcia
University High School
Cathy Sun
Eric Nguyen
Albert Li
Northwood High School
Sarah Elmashat
Maika Marin
Andrew Mackey
Woodbridge High School
Melissa King
Grant Lee
Renee Dela Cruz
Creekside High School
Contact 949-724-6643

Crean Lutheran High School
Contact 949-724-6643