TRIPS Rider's Guide: Ride Guidelines

The TRIPS program strives to support eligible Irvine seniors and adults with disabilities in maintaining independence, community involvement, and employment through the provision of safe, reliable, professional, and specialized transportation services. The program provides low-cost, wheelchair-accessible transportation to Irvine seniors and adults with disabilities. All participants must be unable to drive due to a physical or cognitive disability.

TRIPS Rider's Guide

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Ride Guidelines

  • No more than one (1) round-trip demand ride and one (1) group ride may be permitted per day.
  • Drivers are required to wait no more than five (5) minutes from the time of arrival to remain on schedule.
  • Seatbelts are required for all passengers and must be worn at all times while in program vehicles.
  • Smoking, drinking, and eating in program vehicles is not permitted.
  • Drivers are not permitted to accept money or gratuities of any kind, enter residences or garages, assist with personal errands, and/or sign medical release forms.
  • Abusive, hostile, inappropriate, and/or unsafe behavior is not allowed and may result in immediate termination of program services.

Personal Attendants, Guests & Minors Riding with Registered Participants

  • All individuals who accompany a registered participant must be documented with the program office prior to transportation being granted.
  • A maximum of two personal attendants ride free of charge and must assist participant.
  • Guests and/or minors will be charged from the participant’s TRIPS Ticket accordingly.
  • The pick-up and drop-off location of a personal attendant, companion, or minor child must be the same as that of the registered participant.

Items Allowed to be Transported

Personal Belongings

  • A limit of two (2) bags per participant may be transported for any shopping ride.
  • Travel luggage should not exceed two (2) pieces per person.
  • Passengers are responsible for their own belongings.
  • Passengers must have their personal belongings gathered prior to departure (keys, purse, coat, etc.).
  • Carry-on items exceeding 50 pounds and bulky items may not be accommodated on program vehicles.
  • Oxygen cylinders must be transported in accordance with oxygen transportation guidelines, available upon request.

Service Animals

  • Service animals are required to remain on the vehicle floor and are not permitted on seats or to walk freely inside the vehicle at any time. Owners are responsible for the animal at all times.
  • Pets not certified as service animals may be transported for veterinarian and/or air/train travel only. Contact the TRIPS office for more information.


To accommodate wheelchairs on program vehicles, wheelchairs must:

  • Be of common size and type, durably fit, with the ability to secure and transport.
  • Not exceed 30 inches in width and 46 inches in length.
  • Not exceed 800 pounds when occupied.
  • Have an attached safety belt.
  • Have appropriate foot/leg rests attached.
  • Passengers that utilize wheelchairs must:
  • Utilize the attached safety belt.
  • Provide and utilize a halter vest, if determined necessary for passenger safety.
  • Be capable of maneuvering safely and effectively to/from the vehicle and on/off the lift platform.
  • Have safe and accessible ramps and pathways present for service.
  • Drivers are permitted to assist with maneuvering wheelchairs when securing the wheelchair on program vehicle.