Bommer Canyon Cattle Camp Rehabilitation

The Bommer Canyon Community Park Rehabilitation Project focuses on refreshing the former Cattle Camp, originally built in 1967. The 15-acre rustic site is a popular setting for parties, company picnics, weddings, and family reunions. 

Community feedback on this project received from the City’s public outreach efforts in 2018, which included a public workshop and an online survey, was incorporated into the rehabilitation design for the Cattle Camp area.

The site was prepared for construction in 2020, with older structures cleared. Construction began March 1, 2021 on the site, and includes new structures that will match the park's original ranch style but with improvements to the park's accessibility as well as new restrooms and more pathways.

Construction was completed mid-2023.

Proposed Rehabilitation Plan

Copies of the staff report, proposed plans, and additional project information can be found in the Community Services Commission Agenda for October 3, 2018, here, and at the Community Services Department at City Hall, 1 Civic Center Plaza in Irvine.

Report & Plans 

The City of Irvine Community Services Commission held two public hearings, which included opportunities for public testimony, on the project Wednesday, October 3, 2018, and Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

For additional information and more details on this project, read below.

Project Background

Bommer Canyon Community Park is located at 11 Bommer Canyon Road in the heart of the City’s open space preservation area. Built in 1967, then deeded to the City in 1982, the 15-acre community park contains land that once served as a rest area for ranch hands known as the former Cattle Camp. Today, Cattle Camp is one of Irvine’s most popular rental facilities. The site consists of a “Chuck Wagon” food service building, Drink Pavilion, trailer for staff offices, storage units, stage area, picnic tables, fire ring, barbeque spit, and play/activity area. Covered by a lush sycamore canopy, the Cattle Camp provides a unique rustic setting for special events including, but not limited to, parties, company picnics, weddings, family reunions, and campouts.

The Cattle Camp is in need of rehabilitation due to the park’s age and preservation challenges. According to a 2005 Facility Condition Analysis, site issues include:

  • aged structures that are not compliant with existing building codes;
  • insect and rodent damage;
  • lack of utilities (i.e., sewer, electric);
  • accessibility limitations;
  • and limited availability due to logistic capabilities and inclement weather.

During events, visitors have limited access to minimal on-site portable restroom facilities. In response to these factors, the Cattle Camp quickly emerged as a top priority for a park rehabilitation site in the City. This project will update Cattle Camp facilities to a quality that is reflective of the City’s established standard of care for all Irvine parks.

Opportunities and Constraints Analysis

The City’s design consultant, RJM Design Group, conducted an extensive review of background information and technical analyses. In addition, several field visits, inventories, and drone fly-overs of the site were performed. Findings from these activities were used to prepare an Opportunities and Constraints map of the park. Copies of these materials are provided below:

Public Workshop

Prior to developing a project design for the project, a public workshop was held April 25, 2018, at Las Lomas Community Center. The purpose of the workshop was to gather community input on desired features and ideas for the rehabilitated site. Copies of the workshop presentation and a summary report outlining the feedback received at the workshop are provided through the following links:

Online Survey

For those unable to attend the workshop, an online survey was posted on this webpage for two weeks following the workshop (April 26-May 9, 2018). During that time, the City received more than 200 survey responses. A summary of the survey results is provided below: