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Precautionary Protocols for Building and Grading Inspections

Precautionary Protocols for Building and Grading Inspections

In an effort to protect public health amidst the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and consistent with the Governor's Executive Orders and guidance from regional and national public health professionals, the City of Irvine is taking additional safety precautions for Building and Grading inspections. Effective Friday, July 3, 2020, the following precautions will be in effect:

  • Inspections of exterior facilities and unoccupied, unconditioned interior spaces: This includes both residential and commercial construction. In-person inspections can continue with strictly-enforced precautionary measures in place as follows:
    • No face-to-face contact between inspectors and site personnel. All communication will take place via email, text, or telephone only.
    • All areas that are subject to inspection must be completely unoccupied and empty. There shall be no personnel in the area, including any personnel from builder, contractor, or trades.
    • Prior to inspector arrival, building plans for the area subject to inspection must be placed on a flat, cleaned surface within or adjacent to the area of inspections
  • Inspections of interior, occupied, or conditioned spaces: In-person inspections will be suspended for both residential and commercial properties. To the extent possible, inspectors will conduct inspections of these spaces virtually through use of video applications such as FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp. Virtual inspections will be coordinated as necessary by inspectors at the time of appointment.
  • General Safety Precautions: Builders, contractor, and all personnel working on job sites subject to inspection must abide by COVID-19 precautions as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control at
  • Protocol for job sites with confirmed cases of Covid-19:
    • Individuals that test positive must be removed from the job site until he/she is determined to be free of the virus as evidenced by a written note from a medical professional.
    • Jobsite permit holder must provide a list of people who were exposed to the infected individual, including City of Irvine employees and contractors. Such a list is necessary to determine the potential exposure of City personnel.
      • Exposure is defined as 15 minutes of continuous contact within six feet, with or without a mask, of a known or suspected COVID case.
    • Those individuals who have been exposed, as defined above, must be removed from the site for 14 days, or as long as is medically advised.
    • All high touch surfaces must be fully sanitized, this includes but is not limited to: hand rails, door knobs, furniture, and tools.
    • Jobsite inspections can resume 24 hours after:
      • Removal from jobsite of all individuals testing positive and those exposed to the positive case, and;
      • Sanitization of the jobsite.

Please do not call for inspections on work that is not complete and inspection-ready. This exacerbates delays due to COVID-19 and results in longer waits for inspection at all projects.