Modified Inspections and Code Enforcement Services

Modified Inspections and Code Enforcement Services

March 31, 2022

Precautionary Protocols for Building and Safety Field Inspections

In an effort to protect public health amidst the Covid-19 epidemic and consistent with the Governor’s March 19 Executive Order N-33-20, the City of Irvine established additional safety precautions for building, grading, and code enforcement field inspections effective March 2020.  

Based upon updated guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and consistent with the Governor’s recent executive orders relaxing mandated COVID-related safety protocols for residents and visitors statewide, the City of Irvine’s precautionary protocols for Building and Safety field inspections is suspended indefinitely. Effective immediately, Building and Safety inspectors and code officers may conduct unrestricted inspections for all facilities within the City of Irvine.

In the interest of maintaining a high level of service, the City continues to encourage the following best practices for all construction projects:

  • Individuals testing positive for COVID – 19 should refrain from visiting the construction site until they are determined to be free of the virus as evidenced by a negative COVID test or written note from a medical professional or for a period of time in accordance with current CDC guidelines.
  • Inspection requests should be made only for work that is complete and ready to be inspected. This approach will help to minimize delays and reduce wait time for inspections on all projects.