Marketing Firm Outreach Efforts

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The City of Irvine is working with a public relations firm, 720 Strategies, to assist staff in developing and implementing a five-year marketing strategy for the City of Irvine’s Environmental Programs. The goal of the City’s environmental outreach efforts is to educate the public and encourage residents and businesses to change behaviors to promote energy and water conservation, pollution prevention practices, recycling, and solid waste reduction.​ 720 Strategies will assist the City with heightening public awareness for the City of Irvine’s Environmental Programs, while augmenting the City’s resources to inform residents and businesses about compliance with state mandates and environmental goals.

The City of Irvine is conducting audience research as part of the development of a new public awareness campaign about Irvine's environmental programs. A small number of residents (approximately 10,000) will receive text messages with a link leading to a website asking them to evaluate logos or campaign messages. Residents receiving text messages are chosen at random in order to reach a representative subset of the City's population that owns a cell phone. No personal information of any kind is collected when you click the link.

We are also reaching out to residents without a cell phone or internet connection, as well as Irvine businesses for additional perspectives about the campaign. A very small number of residents may receive a phone call from the firm undertaking the work on behalf of the City asking to conduct an interview. While the firm will collect your name and occupation or expertise, the City will not receive any identifying information about you - only your anonymized responses and general demographic information about you. This type of survey is common practice in branding and market research, and is being used to develop a campaign that will deliver the best possible program to help improve the environment and the City. If you have further questions, please contact 949-724-7669.