Irvine 2045 General Plan Update

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What is the General Plan Update?

The City of Irvine is preparing a focused update to its General Plan (Update), a state-required document representing the long-range vision of the City for the next 20 to 25 years. The Update will contain goals and policies to help the City reach its vision ensuring Irvine’s high quality of life is preserved and enhanced as the City matures.

The Housing Element is one topical chapter within the General Plan and is Irvine’s “housing plan.” Irvine, along with all California cities and counties, is required to adequately plan to meet the housing needs of everyone in the community and to update its Housing Element every eight years, which coincides directly with the State-mandated Regional Housing Needs Assessment allocation process. For more information on the 6th cycle HEU and RHNA, please click here.

What will the Update cover?

This Update will accommodate our 6th cycle Housing Element Update (HEU) with its sizeable  RHNA allocation. As a result, changes to the existing land use plan and allowable development intensities in response to the 6th cycle HEU, which once certified by the State, will drive this Update of impacted elements (i.e., topical chapters) such as land use, circulation and mobility, safety, and noise and its associated Zoning Ordinance amendment. Additionally, in July 2019, the City Council directed staff to develop a new element focused on environmental protection and climate action highlighting City efforts related to the environment such as the adopted Strategic Energy Plan and on-going Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) work effort. For more information on Irvine’s climate planning efforts, visit

What is the Status of the Update?

The completed first phase of the Update included extensive public outreach, preparation of a background report, and development of the preliminary planning framework.

This second and final phase of the Update generally focuses on policy analysis and development, drafting and finalizing the Update document and associated Zoning Ordinance amendment, developing a strategic implementation plan, and preparing the associated environmental impact report (EIR) and technical studies in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Community Outreach Workshops

GPU Community Workshop Presentation

Wednesday, May 24, 6-8pm
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Open House:
Thursday, May 25, 6-8pm
Los Olivos Community Center
101 Alfonso, Irvine
GPU Community Outreach Flier

GPU Information Session
Irvine City Hall Council Chamber, 1 Civic Center Plaza
Thursday, September 22, 6-8 p.m.



General Plan Update Information Session Flier

Anticipated Project Schedule (subject to change)

The Update is far reaching, requiring a multi-year work effort, and will finish by mid-October 2024.

Spring 2022

Focus on Evaluating Existing Conditions



  • Commence phase 2 of Update
  • Due diligence
  • Develop community outreach plan
  • City Council General Plan Amendment Scoping Session – June 2022

Summer 2022- Winter 2023

Focus on Listening and Developing Goals, Policies, Plans, and Strategic Implementation


  • Planning Commission Study Session
  • Stakeholder outreach (on-going)
  • Develop draft elements and Zoning Ordinance amendments (ZOA)
  • Develop draft strategic implementation program (commence Fall 2023)

Spring/Summer 2023

Focus on Creating Plan Alternatives for Land Use & Transportation


  • Stakeholder outreach (on-going)
  • Prepare draft environmental review for CEQA (i.e., EIR with technical studies)

Spring 2024

Focus on Listening and Refining


  • Stakeholder outreach (on-going)
  • Public review of draft Update/ZOA and CEQA documentation
  • Finalize Update/ZOA and EIR

Summer/Fall 2024

Focus on Public Review and Adoption


Adoption hearings:

  • Airport Land Use Commission
  • Community Services Commission
  • Finance Commission
  • Transportation Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • City Council

February 2025 (per SB 197)

Deadline for completion

How You Can Get Involved

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The update process includes a variety of opportunities for the community to be involved (i.e., see activities in bold in the anticipated project schedule above).

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