A Brief History of the El Toro Air Show: 1950-1997

Thursday, July 11, 2019 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm

What began as an opening reception for Armed Forces Day in 1950 to encourage locals to visit military bases became the much-anticipated annual El Toro Air Show of Orange County. With attendance eventually reaching upwards of 2 million spectators, the El Toro Air Shows became an iconic event for Marine Corps Air Station El Toro and the aviation industry. Artist Paul Gavin has dedicated his career to the celebration of U.S. Armed Forces by contributing artwork to a number of military related events, including the El Toro Air Show of Orange County. A Brief Historyof the El Toro Air Show: 1950–1997 will feature Gavin’s work in conjunction with community members who have captured the history of the air show through photography and collected memorabilia.

Featuring work by: Cynthia Castaneda, Joe Conway III, Paul Gavin, Kimberleigh Gavin, Bethany Girod, George Katzenberger, and collaborative art by The Draculas.

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