Animals Donate

Opportunities to help furry friends of all kinds abound in the City of Irvine.

Home to one of the most innovative and progressive animal shelters in the nation, the Irvine Animal Care Center, prides itself on providing quality care for abandoned animals.

The Center's park-like facility cares for thousands of homeless, neglected and abused animals every year. The center strives to strengthen the human-animal bonds by providing quality veterinary care, high-quality food, soft bedding and daily socialization of all animals.

Ways to Donate

Making donations to the Center is easy and available online. A variety of donation and program options are available:

Dollar Amount Donations

  • $500 Covers medical expenses for an abandoned pet
  • $250 Covers dental surgery for a needy animal
  • $100 provides supplies for a litter of orphaned kittens and puppies
  • $85 Covers the purchase of a Kuranda bed for a senior pet
  • $50 Covers the cost of special dietary foods for two weeks
  • $20 Feeds a litter of unweaned kittens for 10 days
  • $10 Provides fresh vegetables to 10 rabbits for one week

Program Options

Enhanced Care Program
The IACC sometimes receives animals in poor condition that have been injured or neglected for long periods of time. The Enhanced Care program funds the additional medical treatments these animals require to become healthy (i.e. eye surgery, a broken limb, x-rays and tooth extractions). Choose Enhanced Care as your designation

Third Chance For Pets Program
This program allows the IACC to transfer animals from overcrowded shelters that otherwise may not find a home. When kennels are available at the IACC, staff can bring some of these animals to the Shelter for adoption. Because these animals come from outside of Irvine, their care is funded mostly by donations. Without the generous support of donors such as you this program could not exist. Since inception, the IACC has accepted more than 5,000 animals into the Third Chance for Pets program. Choose Third Chance for Pets as your designation.


Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are also available: 

Additional Resources

In addition to the City’s Animal Care Center, the City provides a unique recreational site for dog owners. Central Bark features almost three acres of open field for off-leash play.

Other animal related resources can be found on the City’s website, including links to locally-based charitable organizations related to animals.