Ceramics Glaze Days

Please note: To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our community, some indoor facilities and outdoor recreational spaces may be closed or have modified access until further notice. 

Under current state guidelines, indoor galleries can re-open. Please contact the Irvine Fine Arts Center at 949-724-6880 or email fineartscustomerservice@cityofirvine.org to arrange your exhibition viewing appointment. Appointment information can be found at irvinefinearts.org/appointment. Modified recreational programming will be available to the community, and is available for registration at yourirvine.org

Irvine outdoor park spaces remain open for passive use by individuals within the same household, while wearing a face covering and maintaining physical distance from others outside of their household. Playgrounds are open. In accordance with state guidelines, gatherings of people from more than three households are prohibited, and individuals must maintain physical distance from others outside of their group. Learn more at the City Facility Updates webpage.



Irvine Fine Arts Center is implementing a Ceramics Glaze Days program. This program provides an opportunity for current registered adult Ceramic Open Studio users to safely glaze their work outdoors for firing. This new Glaze Days program offers access to Irvine Fine Arts Center cone 10 glazes and individual outdoor work stations where patrons can complete their ceramics.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a current Irvine Fine Arts Center Ceramics Open Studio user.
  • Participants must be Ceramics Certified through the Irvine Fine Arts Center.

How to Register

  • Register online at yourirvine.org for your preferred glaze date and time.
    • $15 registration fee includes cone 10 glazes and firing.
    • Limit four participants per time slot; one participant per work station.
    • New time slots will be added weekly.
    • No refunds will be allowed.
    • Written instructions that describe the system will be included on registration receipt.


  • Cloth face coverings are required at all times.
  • Registered users arrive at the Irvine Fine Arts Center at their registered glaze program time. Parking is available in the spaces adjacent to the Ceramics Studio driveway near the exterior Ceramics Studio door. 
  • Carts will be available for patron use to transport work into the Ceramics outdoor area.
  • Location: The Irvine Fine Arts Center’s outdoor Ceramics area. Patrons will enter and exit through the ceramics exterior door.
  • Temperature checks will be required upon entry. All patrons should pay attention to social distancing markers and signage when using glazes and tools.
  • Each patron will work at their own station which includes a table that will be sanitized after each use. Each patron is responsible for providing their own sponges, tools, and face covering.
  • The Irvine Fine Arts Center will provide the following at each station:
    • one stirring paddle that will be sanitized after each use,
    • one clean and sanitized 5 gallon bucket filled with water,
    • one set of glazing tongs and a bucket of sanitizing solution to drop in after use,
    • one pair of nitrile gloves,
    • and hand sanitizer.
  • Patrons may reserve the studio spray booth and use center-provided studio spray gun (staff will sanitize after use) or use their own.
  • Work guidelines:
    • Pieces must be marked with your initials, symbol, or stamp.
  • At the end of every scheduled time slot, patrons will load their work onto a studio ware cart for firing. Cart shelf must be labeled clearly with an Irvine Fine Arts Center-provided firing form. Participant firing form should clearly list participant's name, contact information, number of pieces, glaze, and a description/picture of how you label your wares (symbol, stamp, initials, etc.).


  • Patron will wipe down their work table at the end of their session.
  • Exterior sink is available and prepared as a hand washing station.
  • Participant must wear a facial mask for the duration of the program time and pay attention to social distancing markers and signage on-site. All walk-in services at the Irvine Fine Arts Center remain closed.

How to Pick Up Your Work

  • Center staff will contact participants by email or telephone to schedule a pick-up date when their work is complete.
  • Arrive at the Irvine Fine Arts Center at your scheduled pick-up date and time. Park adjacent to the Ceramics Studio driveway in the parking spot identified by the "sidewalk service" sign. Call the center front desk at 949-724-6880 to notify staff of your arrival. Staff will bring completed work to your car on a cart.
  • Participants must wear facial masks for the duration of the pick-up and should pay attention to social distancing markers and signage on-site. All walk-in services at the Irvine Fine Arts Center remain closed.

Additional Information

  • Kiln will be operated on a first-come, first-serve basis and upon fully filling a kiln for best effectiveness.
  • Prolific makers may need to wait as the center provides equal opportunity for participation.
  • Glaze information must be clearly listed on the firing form.
  • Glazing and pick-up of work is available only during scheduled times.

For questions, call 949-724-6880.