Top 40 Donation Items

To help celebrate 40 years of the Irvine Animal Care Center, we asked our staff to put together a list of the 40 most requested donation items. If you're looking for a helpful way to celebrate along with us, consider donating any of the items below.

Heading out to your local pet store? Use the list below to shop, or use this printable version to take with you. You can also use our Amazon or Chewy wish lists and have items shipped to the center.

  1. Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Dry Cat Food
  2. Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Canned Cat Food
  3. Breeder’s Edge Feline Milk Replacer
  4. Microwavable Pet Bed Warmer (K&H Pet Products 9”x 9”)
  5. Nutramax Proviable Health Supplement for Cats and Dogs
  6. Braun Digital Ear Thermometer
  7. Large Plastic Syringes (20ml)
  8. Exercise Pens
  9. Exercise Pen Top/Cover
  10. Kitten Digital Pet Scale (Etekcity Food Kitchen Bowl Scale)
  11. Beurer Pet Scale
  12. Greenies Pill Pockets (Capsule size, Chicken flavor)
  13. Kong Extreme Dog Toy (L and XL)
  14. Fortiflora Probiotics for Cats
  15. Karo Syrup
  16. Andis Pet Clipper
  17. Small Litter Pans
  18. Cat Litter Scooper
  19. Kitten Bed Cat Cave
  20. Kitten and Puppy Toys
  21. Cat Wand Toys (no feathers)
  22. Flea Combs
  23. Three-tier Cat Toy with Balls
  24. Jolly Ball Dog Toy (10-inch)
  25. Cardboard Scratching Pads for Kittens
  26. Tearless Kitten and Puppy Shampoo
  27. Churu Lickable Puree Wet Treat for Cats
  28. Nylabone Dog Chew Bones
  29. Dasuquin with MSM Soft Chews for Dogs
  30. Grooming Scissors for Dogs
  31. Carefresh Small Pet Bedding
  32. Rabbit Chew Toys
  33. Food Puzzles for Dogs and Cats
  34. Slow Feeders for Dogs
  35. Shallow Plates for Kittens
  36. Laser Pointers
  37. Yesterday’s News Litter
  38. Peanut Butter (no Xylitol)
  39. Soft Toothbrush Bulk Pack
  40. Dog Training Treats

Join us as we celebrate the past, present, and future of the Irvine Animal Care Center all year long. Visit our 40th Anniversary page to learn more.