Irvine Animal Care Center Holiday Donation Drive

Bring Joy to Pets in Need This Season

Each year, the Irvine Animal Care Center provides shelter, care, and enrichment for approximately 3,000 animals. Support from the community helps the center provide high-quality daily care and enhanced medical treatment to animals in need. Please help us spread joy this holiday season by donating to the Irvine Animal Care Center, allowing us to help the animals in our care find the new adoptive homes they deserve.

Help Us Spread Joy 

By donating to the Irvine Animal Care Center, you help bring joy to the lives of pets in need. Your support provides funding for our Enhanced Care, Third Chance for Pets, and Foster Care programs.

Your support allows us to provide:
• Homes for thousands of rescue animals through the Third Chance for Pets program.
• Funds for medical treatment for animals in need through the Enhanced Care program.
• Quality care and a warm home environment for ill or underage animals in our Foster Care Program.

Every gift, no matter the size, enables the Irvine Animal Care Center to continue our life-saving work. Thank you for your generosity!

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Please note: Donations will be processed through PayPal. Confirmation receipts and payments will show on your credit card or bank statement as "PayPal."