Administration Division

The Administration Division is the executive branch of the Department and is Chief is responsible for planning, organizing, developing, and directing the multi-year and near term goals for all areas of the Department including, but not limited to: patrol, traffic, investigations, communications, emergency preparedness and disaster response, special operations, crime prevention, forensics, and other activities related to the overall public safety needs for the City of Irvine.

The Administration Division is sectioned into three specific sections:

The Office of the Chief of Police

The Chief of Police is charged with communicating the overall direction, mission, and goals to all areas of the Department. The Chief advises the City Manager and City Council on matters pertaining to law enforcement and other complex matters. He works closely with City departments in developing and implementing programs to solve police services problems within the Irvine Community, and assists in researching and analyzing a variety of administrative and operational issues within the Department. The Chief is also responsible for directing, coordinating, and participating in the operations of the other sections within the Administration Division. The Chief has is supported by the Assistant Chief of Police and three Commanders who form the Executive Command Staff.

Michael Kent | Chief of Police

Noelle Smiley | Assistant Chief of Police


James Hutchcraft | Police Commander

The Operations Division is led by a Police Commander who is responsible for day-to-day operations of the personnel in the field from the uniformed police officers in patrol cars, to the specialty units such as the Directed Enforcement Team, K9's, Mounted Unit, Drone Team, and Honor Guard. The division is separated into the following units and bureaus:

  1. Patrol Bureau
    • University Area
    • Crossroads Area
    • Portola Area
  2. Traffic Bureau

Administrative Services

Mark Anderson | Police Commander

The Administrative Services Division is led by a Police Commander who is responsible for overseeing the administrative functions of the department including the fiscal budget, disaster preparedness, and the police department's fleet. The division is comprised of four offices and sections:

  1. Professional Development (recruitment and training)
  2. Emergency Management
  3. Auxiliary Services
  4. Professional Standards
  5. Fiscal Services

Support Services

Dave Klug | Police Commander

The Support Services Division is led by a Police Commander who is responsible for overseeing the operational support of the police department and is divided into four distinct bureaus:

  1. General Investigations
  2. Special Investigations
  3. Business Services
  4. Public Information

The Public Information Office is separate from the City of Irvine Public Information Office. The role of the Irvine Police Public Information Office is to maintain established and open lines of communication with news networks and media outlets, and provide them with information regarding police-related activities and or programs. The Public Information Office is responsible for providing press releases on behalf of the Chief of Police regarding major investigations, important public safety events, and other communication items related to general public safety. The Public Information Office also provides updates to Department related activities through the following websites and the Access Irvine App.

Karie Davies | Police Sergeant - Department Spokesperson