Energy efficiency initiatives that reward consumers and businesses for reducing power usage could result in utility bill savings of $168.6 Billion
(Source: “Laying the Foundation for Implementing a Federal Energy Efficiency Resource Standard”).

Energy Saving Tips for Residents

  • During the summer, set your thermostat at 78 degrees when you are home. Using a fan may allow you to set your thermostat above 78 degrees because of the increased air circulation that it creates. You are saving between 1-3%, on utility bills, for every degree above 72.
  • Use major appliances before noon and after 7 pm, in order to avoid peak usage times.
  • Use cold water whenever possible to cut back on the cost of energy it takes to heat up water.
  • Turn off any appliances or lights that are not in use, such as switching off lights when you leave a room.
  • During the summer, keep shades over south-facing windows closed during the day in order to prevent heat from entering the house. Conversely, during the winter, keep the shades on the south-facing windows open during the day and closed at night .

Energy Saving Tips for the Office


  • Print double-sided whenever possible
  • Re-use or recycle paper that has only been printed on one side
  • View documents with your “print preview” option before printing out
  • Use email, instead of fax or ground mail, whenever possible


  • Use fluorescent lighting to decrease energy consumption
  • Turn off any lights that are not in use; in particular, whenever you leave a room
  • Utilize natural daylight as much as possible by opening shades/blinds to allow sunlight to enter the room. mail, whenever possible

Office Equipment

  • Turn office equipment off after business hours
  • Set electronic equipment to default into “sleep” mode when it has not been used for a certain period of time
  • If you are purchasing new equipment, always look for the Energy Star logo

Remember that you can donate, exchange, or sell office furniture and electronic equipment when it is no longer needed. The State of California offers the CalMAX program which allows you to either post or purchase items that have been listed by other businesses. Learn more by visiting their website or calling 877-520-9703.