Green Building

The City of Irvine has maintained a longstanding history as a leader in environmental policies and construction.  Irvine has demonstrated its commitment to green buildings through the enactment of the Irvine Build Green Program, a program that encourages builders to create environmentally sensitive, healthier developments for its residents, businesses and visitors.


In July 17, 2008 the California Building Standards Commission adopted the California Green Buildings Standard Code, which established green building standards as a fundamental part of the California Building Code. In response to this new legislation, the City of Irvine has decided to discontinue the Irvine Build Green Program in favor of adopting the statewide green building code. Although the state had set the mandatory compliance date for all of California for January 1, 2011, Irvine has stayed true to its reputation as a pioneer in green development, choosing to adopt the CALGREEN codes almost a year ahead of schedule. The City adopted an ordinance in conjunction with the State of California’s Green Building Code Standards to promote conservation and resource efficiency for development.


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Green Point Rated

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