Conserve Irvine

As part of the City of Irvine’s 50th anniversary, the Environmental Programs Division launched a new campaign, Conserve Irvine, to better inform and educate residents about simple steps we all can take to continue and improve upon Irvine’s legacy of environmental conservation and sustainability.

The campaign represents a multi-year effort by the City to raise awareness with residents and businesses to improve environmental resilience and sustainability. The City of Irvine was designed to be the heart of an environment where “nature and man both prosper” as described by the Irvine Company in a press release announcing the community on March 19, 1970. This commitment to develop an environmentally balanced community is marked by the City’s unprecedented dedication of 1/3 of land, or 25 square miles, to open space. As the City enters its 50th year, this commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability lives on in new ways as part of the Conserve Irvine campaign.

The campaign logo includes a butterfly, representing the butterfly effect, an award-winning mathematical theory stating that when a butterfly flaps its wings, it can have a massive impact on the weather on the other side of the world. It is our belief that, through small changes and environmentally conscious behavior, our city can have a big impact on our community, the state and our planet. 

We welcome everyone in the community - residents, businesses, activists, and more - to join us on this journey. As part of the Conserve Irvine campaign, the City of Irvine Environmental Programs Division will provide information, host events, and recommend actions to help make Irvine the greenest city in the state of California, the nation and the planet. Every action taken makes a difference by demonstrating commitment, setting a positive example in the community and making yourself an environmental leader in your business, school, and neighborhood.

The City of Irvine is committed to providing the resources and assistance necessary to guide you on our journey to a sustainable Irvine. You can start by reviewing our website and signing up for our newsletter to stay informed.

The City of Irvine is beginning a new climate planning effort visit this page for more content and join us on our journey to a better Irvine.

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