Final Tract & Parcel Map


TM Final Tract Map
PM Final Parcel Map

The following items are required to be completed prior to acceptance by the City for processing:

You must have your assessor's parcel number

  1. Completed Engineering Permit Application form with fee for City Engineer review of the map. (see Fee Schedule ). Bonds and Agreements may be required for improvements and survey monumentation. To be determined.
  2. Completed Developer Deposit Case Set-up Form with deposit of $500.00 for Community Development Department review of the map.
  3. Completed Orange County Fire Authority Service Request Form with fee of $268.40 for OCFA Review.
  4. Five (5) copies of the final. (folded)*
  5. Two (2) copies of the title report.*
  6. Two (2) copies of each recorded document referred to in either the title report or final map.*
  7. Two (2) copies of traverse calculations.*
  8. If the tentative map is being reviewed concurrently with the final map, the applicant shall provide a waiver letter, in lieu of the approved tentative map and resolution of approval, acknowledging that, should changes be required to approve the tentative map and the changes require revisions to the submitted final tract or parcel map, the charges accrued for the review of the original final tract or parcel map will not be refunded and the revised map(s) may need to be formally resubmitted for review (see sample letter)*
  9. Two (2) stamped copies of the approved tentative map and three (3) signed copies of the resolution of approval.*

*In Lieu of paper, one (1) copy may be submitted n PDF format on a CD.

All materials shall be submitted in a complete and final form. No partial or incomplete submittals will be accepted without prior approval of the City Engineer.

Click here for standard City of Irvine Bond Agreement and Cost Estimate
Subdivision Improvement Agreement
Survey Monument Agreement
Cost Estimate

More than original and 2 plan check corrections (see Fee Schedule)