Use of Face Masks

Face Covering Request for Small Businesses 

On April 10, the Irvine City Council held a special meeting to ratify an Executive Order requiring all retail personnel and patrons in the City of Irvine to wear face coverings. Additionally, the Irvine City Council amended the Executive Order to on May 27 to align with Orange County Health Care Agency, including that businesses must post, at a minimum, signage to advise patrons of social distancing requirements and the requirement of wearing face coverings or face shields. 

Read the latest updates and Executive Orders here

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and other cities and counties from around the State have issued guidance encouraging the use of cloth face coverings by all Californians when outside the home. The City has issued similar guidance for all Irvine citizens, and these protections must be in addition to the social distancing requirements that are already in place. The Orange County Health Care Agency advises that masks are not a substitute for physical distancing, washing hands, and staying home when ill, but they may be helpful when combined with those practices.

The CDPH defines face coverings as material such as cotton, silk or linen that covers the mouth and nose. Coverings can be homemade or improvised from everyday items such as scarfs, bandanas, T-shirts, sweatshirts, or towels. The CDPH's Face Coverings Guidance offers public health information about when to wear a cloth facemask, how to care for cloth facemasks, and other useful background information.

Below are links to vendors that sell cloth masks, as well as directions for how to make masks. This page will be updated periodically to reflect changes in availability, and you are encouraged to contact the vendor for questions.



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Design principles:

  1. Build a mask that tightly encloses the area around the nose and mouth, from the bridge of the nose down to the chin, and extending onto the cheek beyond the corners of the mouth, so no gaps occur when talking or moving.
  2. Use mask material that is tightly woven but breathable. Possibly double-layer the fabric.
  3. Masks must be made from washable material such as fabric. Choose a fabric that can handle high temperatures and bleach without shrinking or otherwise deforming.
  4. The mask should be tolerant of expected amounts of moisture from breathing.
  5. Suggested materials: outer layer tea cloth, inner layer of a microfleece to wick away moisture, and an inner tea cloth layer. Use an accordion fold to mimic a hospital mask as much as possible and use a fat woven shoelace type material to bind the sides (such as quilt binding). For straps, use elastic straps that loop behind the ears.

Use of alternate facemasks: 

  1. Alternative facemasks should be donned and doffed per usual CDC protocol.
  2. Alternative facemasks should be changed when saturated from condensation build up from breathing, or after a gross contamination event.
  3. Dirty and clean facemasks must be housed in separate, clearly labeled containers to prevent cross contamination.

Washing masks:

Wash dirty masks between each use. Wash in hot water with regular detergent. Dry completely on hot setting.

Design examples:


Written Instructions: