How to Wear Face Coverings

Use of face masks: 

All Irvine residents and visitors are required to wear face masks when outside the home, with limited exceptions as per the California Department of Public Health. Please follow the tips below to wear your face covering correctly:

  • Wash your hands before and after touching your mask.
  • Make sure the mask completely covers your mouth, nose, and chin.
  • Make sure you can breathe and talk comfortably through your mask.
  • Do not touch the mask when wearing it.
  • When removing your mask, do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth , and wash your hands immediately.
  • Do not wear the mask below your nose or push your mask under your chin. 

Washing masks:

Wash dirty masks between each use. Wash in hot water with regular detergent. Dry completely on hot setting.

More information:

For more information, visit the CDC website to view tips on how to select masks, how to make masks, and how to store masks.