Community Requests

The City of Irvine strives to fulfill the recreational needs and desires of all its community members. Your ideas and recommendations help establish and maintain Irvine’s park system as one of the best in the nation. The City receives numerous recommendations every year. In order to provide a fair, standardized process and procedure for evaluating community ideas and requests, the Master Plan includes a Community Request tool. This information, including an application form, has been provided below for the public's convenience:

Submit completed Community Request and Proposal Forms by mail to: City of Irvine Community Services Department, Attn: Senior Planner Kathleen Haton, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine CA 92606. Completed forms with supporting documentation can also be submitted via email to

Please note that the Community Request and Proposal Form must be completed in full, along with any supporting documents, prior to submitting the application before it will be processed.

The approval and implementation of a community request is based on many factors, including community need, timing, funding sources and more. As such, please note that although all complete requests will be carefully reviewed and considered, not all requests will be approved. If you have any additional questions related to this process, contact Senior Planner Kathleen Haton at 949-724-6667 or