Planning Commission


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City Ordinance No. 135
IMC 5-3-101

Building and maintaining one of America's most beautiful cities takes enormous management. The Planning Commission gives advice to the City Council in accordance with the community's desired standards.

The Planning Commission meets at 5:30 pm on the first and third Thursday of each month. Meetings take place in the City Council Chambers at Irvine City Hall, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine.


Implements the City's General Plan and Zoning Code through the review and approval of discretionary applications for land development; advises the City Council on amendments to the General Plan and Zoning Code.

Supporting Department
Community Development

The decisions on many land use applications are final unless appealed to the City Council.

The Planning Commission provides recommendations to the City Council on zone changes, General Plan amendments and other matters.

Appointments by City Council
Five members at large are appointed by the City Council. Currently, the following individuals serve on the Commission:


Chair Jeff Pierson
(Appointed by Councilmember Carroll)

Vice Chair Branda Lin
(Appointed by Councilmember Treseder)

Commissioner Parrisa Yazdani
(Appointed by Mayor Farrah Khan)

Commissioner Raj Bhatia
(Appointed by Vice Mayor Agran)

Commissioner Jong Limb
(Appointed by Councilmember Tammy Kim)



Land Use Planning and Development Standards

To make recommendations to public authorities or any corporation or individuals of the City with reference to the location of any proposed buildings, structures or works.

To do such other things as shall be necessary to carry out  and to undertake the study for, preparation and recommendation of the general plan as required by law, covering a comprehensive, long-term, general plan for the physical development of the City and of any land outside its boundaries which in the Commission's judgment bears relation to the development of the City.

Development Review

To recommend to the proper officers of the City, plans for the regulation of the future growth and development and beautification of the City in respect to its public buildings, works, streets, traffic, transportation, infrastructure, grounds and vacant lots.

To recommend to the proper officers of the City, plans consistent with the future growth and development of the City in order to secure to the City and its inhabitants, sanitation, proper service of all public utilities, shipping and transportation facilities;

To recommend to the proper officers of the City the approval or disapproval of maps, plans, divisions or subdivisions of lands. Every such map or plan shall, prior to its final approval or disapproval by the proper officers of the City, be submitted to the Planning Commission for its recommendations thereon to such officers.

It is further the responsibility of the Planning Commission to hear and determine all applications for use permits, conditional permits and variances and adjustments not considered by the Zoning Administrator.

Special Projects

To perform those tasks required by the City Council and to do those things otherwise required of a Planning Commission acting as the Planning Agency of a City, including, without being limited to, reporting and recommending upon amendments to the zoning districts and regulations of the City and annexations to the City and the periodic review of the capital improvement program of the City.

Make recommendations to the City Council on a variety of programs, studies or issues as directed by the City Council.

Advisory Bodies to the Planning Commission

  • Community Service Commission
  • Subdivision Committee
  • Transportation Commission