Electronic Submittal for 10 kW or Less Solar Photovoltaic Installations for Single Family

Five Solar Photovoltaic Options to Choose From:

  • Single Central Inverter
  • Two Central Inverters with Load Center
  • Single String of MicroInverters
  • 2 Strings of MicroInverters with Load Center
  • 3 Strings of MicroInverters with Load Center

Electronic Permitting Process Overview

Project Submittal:

  • Complete Forms and Documents Ahead of Time
  • Agree to Eligibility Requirements
  • Choose a Photovoltaic Option
  • Fill in Required Fields for Photovoltaic Option Single Line
  • Attach Project Component Specifications and Documents
  • Submit Electronically to the City

Project Permitting and Inspection:

  • The City of Irvine Will Process and Email a Permit, a Permit Card and Inspection Request Instructions
  • Request a Final Inspection (Use Inspection Codes: 112 and 305)
  • Have a Hard Copy of the Project (i.e. Single Line, Equipment Specifications and Documents, Residential PV General Notes), Inspection Card and Field Representative Present on the Day of Inspection

Documents and Forms to Complete and Attach to Submittal

Permitting Documents:

  • Current Valid Contractor’s License Pocket Card
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate
  • Business License

Project Documents:


Read and Agree to Eligibility Requirements to Begin