Comprehensive Update

The City of Irvine initially adopted its General Plan in December 1973 and periodically updated and amended it over the ensuing years. The last Comprehensive Update occurred in 2000 with as needed General Plan amendments occurring over the years. Since 2000, the City has continued to grow and the community has matured and evolved. As Irvine matures, the focus of the General Plan objectives and policies must be reexamined to ensure that the high quality-of-life-factors that make Irvine exceptional are maintained and enhanced for residents, businesses, and visitors into the future. 

Phase 1 of the General Plan Update (“the “Update”) commenced in 2015. Many of you participated in face-to-face events and stakeholder meetings as well as responded to the two surveys. Survey #1 identified community issues and priorities, while Survey #2 built on the results of Survey #1 by focusing on the Vision, Guiding Principles, and goals/topical areas for the Update. As directed by the City Council, an additional public outreach campaign, including Survey #3, commenced in summer 2020 by the City's outreach consultant. 

During Phase 2 of the Update, continued input is anticipated from City Commissions, the City Council, and stakeholders that will help serve as the foundation to develop the update and will be used as the basis to formulate a draft General Plan Update with specific goals, objectives, policies, and future implementation programs. Phase 2 Update work is anticipated to commence in late 2021 upon completion of the Housing Element Update. The Update is a multi-year, multi-phase project anticipated to be completed over several years.  

Due to the aggressive state mandated submittal deadline of October 2021 for the certification of the 6th cycle Housing Elementrequired topical chapter within the General Plan, staff is focusing on the Housing Element Update to accommodate the new Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation. The RHNA is a State-mandated process that coincides directly with the 8-year planning cycle of the Housing Element.

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