City Council in the News – Water Park Moves Forward

City Council in the News – Votes and Direction on Major Issues in 2017

Irvine in the News

June 27, 2017, Orange County Great Park Board and City Council meetings: Recommend that the City Council approve an exclusive negotiating agreement with Wild Rivers, LLC, to bring a water park to the Orange County Great Park.


The City Council, acting on the recommendation of the Great Park Board, approved the beginning of negotiations between the City and Wild Rivers that could result in a water park opening by summer 2019. Wild Rivers, which operated a water park on private land in Irvine until it was closed in 2011, recently was chosen through an RFP, a bidding process that chooses a potential vendor. Now comes Period One, which would include preliminary site planning and development of a lease. Period Two includes environmental analysis and specific approval of a lease by the City Council. Should the various steps be approved by the City Council, a site would become available at the Great Park for construction, with a grand opening in about two years.

In other actions:

The Great Park Board approved moving forward with a 188-acre golf course as part of the more than 688 acres that are being developed at the Great Park by FivePoint, on behalf of the City of Irvine. The Great Park Board also directed staff to negotiate an agreement with a group run by A.G. Kawamura, the former state of California Agriculture Director and the longtime contractor of the 70-acre urban farm at the Great Park. The negotiation will focus on his vision of a Full Circle Farm concept that would include the City’s Farm + Food Lab and tie into organic farming, the Farmers Market, and programs to enhance healthy eating, among other uses.

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Irvine in the News

June 6, 2017, City Council Special Meeting on “Consideration of a request from Mayor Wagner and Councilmember Fox to Change the Designated Site for the Veterans Cemetery”


The City Council voted for the Resolution to begin the process for a land swap between the City of Irvine and private developer FivePoint regarding the State Veterans Cemetery. The parcels, both on the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro and both just outside the boundaries of the Orange County Great Park, are about equal in size. The map here shows the two sites – the City-owned ARDA site in the northern part of the map, and the FivePoint “A-B-C” site in the southern part of the map.

What the Resolution says:

Section 1.  That the City Council of the City of Irvine hereby rescinds its July 22, 2014 designation of the ARDA Transfer Site as the best possible site for a State Veterans Cemetery, and re-designates the District 2 Site as the best possible site for a State Veterans Cemetery.

Section 2.  That the City of Irvine expresses its intent to pursue a mutually satisfactory land exchange with Heritage Fields of the ARDA Transfer Site for the District 2 Site.

Section 3. That the City of Irvine expresses its intent to, upon completion of a land exchange with Heritage Fields, convey up to 125 acres of the District 2 Site to the State for purposes of creating the Southern California Veterans Cemetery – subject to all necessary and appropriate studies, procedures, and agreements with the State and Federal governments.

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