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The Irvine Station, located in the Spectrum area of the City, is a growing transportation hub in South Orange County. As the busiest station in Orange County serving over a million commuters annually, the Irvine Station is currently served by Amtrak and Metrolink passenger rail services, as well as being a hub for express, local and rail-feeder bus services operated by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA).

Irvine Shares the Way

Irvine Shares the Way is a project to improve the safety of everyone in Irvine, whether they are walking, bicycling, or driving. Irvine Shares the Way is a broad-based campaign, including educational materials, safety workshops, and other activities across the City of Irvine. The campaign will help raise awareness of traffic laws and remind residents how they can reduce the chances of a collision when they are walking, bicycling, and driving.

The Public Drainage Program is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of City public drainage facilities. The Program's responsibilities include the annual inspection and cleaning of all City storm drains and catch basins, erosion control of slopes along City open channels and other City drainage facilities, cleaning of debris and clearance of drainage systems after storm events and the prevention of standing water issues/concerns in City right-of-way areas.

The Pavement Maintenance Program inspects, schedules, and repairs an inventory of more than 410 centerline miles of roadways, 59 linear miles of bike trails, and 77 acres of asphalt within the City of Irvine. The goal of the program is to maintain and enhance the physical environment while promoting a safe a secure pavement system for the community. Maintenance repairs include pot hole patching, dig-out repairs, overlays, crack seals, chip seals and slurry seals.

The Concrete Maintenance Program inspects, schedules, and repairs displaced or damaged concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter within the City right-of-way. This program is intended to prevent trip and fall incidents due to the deterioration of aging sidewalks, aprons, and access ramps. Curb and gutters are also inspected and repaired as part of the program to ensure proper water flow to the storm drain system.

Street & Right-of-Way Maintenance                           

The Street & Right-of-Way Maintenance Division maintains 410 centerline miles of roadway, over 1,484 linear miles of curb, gutter and sidewalk, 4,541 catch basins well as access ramps, traffic signs, pavement markings and street striping.

Maintaining and improving City roadways and City parks and facilities is a major community priority. A number of construction projects are currently underway throughout the City and we apologize for any inconvenience and traffic delays caused by this activity. Motorist may wish to consider using alternate routes while construction is underway.

Click here for details about each City project and to view a map of street construction activity.