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Please note: To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our community, some indoor facilities and outdoor recreational spaces may be closed or have modified access until further notice. 

Per the Irvine Municipal Code and Financial Policies, the City Manager must present a balanced budget to the City Council before July 1. The City has a two-year budget, which is developed in the context of a comprehensive five-year financial plan. The budget is both a policy document, setting strategic priorities and goals, and a financial document that dedicates resources to various programs and services based on the established priorities.

Special events are events that are outside the normal operations of an area, which may temporarily affect that general area with road closures, structures, amplified noise, animal expos, food and alcohol service and other services that would not normally be in place. Some examples of special events include carnivals, parades, festivals, car races, marathons, bike rides and 5K/10K races. These types of events, depending on the types of amenities/services provided, would require approvals through various City Department’s as well as outside agencies. (I.E.