What People are Saying

The single most important piece of advice received:

  • I learned that job seekers have to step out of their shell or comfort zone and be very confident and energetic. Employers want people who can make a positive influence in the work force. (Jennie, age 16, Central Irvine Kumon Center)
  • Do research about the company before the interview, and send a thank you letter after the interview. (Simon, age 15, Premier Aquatics)
  • Show the employer you are eager and enthusiastic for the position you are applying for. Although it may feel unnatural and excessive, doing so in a professional manner shows the employer that you, as a potential employee, have a good attitude and are dedicated. (Kate, age 17, State Farm Insurance)
  • I learned that finding a job is not a one-day thing. It is definitely a process but the staff of iYES will help you every step of the way. The staff helped me build my résumé, cover letter, and find a job (and were) very kind and checked up on me regularly. I am very satisfied with the service and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for their first job or just simply need help with building their résumé. (Manar, age 17, State Farm Insurance)
  • I learned how to make an amazing résumé and I was able to build my confidence due to that. (Sachi, age 17, The Melt)
  • The most important thing I learned from the iYES staff is confidence. Employers want employees they can trust. If you don’t even trust yourself — if you aren’t confident — the employer won’t trust you. (Helen, age 18, Staples)
  • IYES staff were with me every step of the way and prepared me greatly for the process. (Niki, age 15, James Event Productions)
  • The most important thing I learned about writing a résumé was how to be honest but still present myself professionally with what little I had. (Kenan, age 17, James Event Productions)

Lessons learned from the workshops and/or 1:1 appointments:

  • The workshop and all my appointments helped shape my job application in a better way since I learned detailed information and tips about being professional, emailing etiquette, follow up, and building stable work history. I received great advice and applied it to my interview responses, résumé, and cover letter. (Jennie, age 16, Central Irvine Kumon Center)
  • It was very helpful setting up my résumé, and with interview help. (Simon, age 15, Premier Aquatics)
  • My mock interview was very valuable to my success in finding a job as it calmed my nerves for my first-ever interview, gave me a sense of what to expect, and identified things I needed improvement on. Not only was I asked questions that were commonly asked at interviews, iYES staff gave me feedback on my answers — something you can't experience from merely reading interview advice online. (Kate, age 17, State Farm Insurance)​
  • I did not do the mock interview but the staff of iYES helped me build my résumé and cover letter. It was extremely helpful. They made a lot of beneficial changes to my résumé, and they always responded back very quickly. (Manar, age 17, State Farm Insurance)
  • The résumé and mock interview appointments really helped me because I was more than prepared for the actual interview and it was really natural too. (Sachi, age 17, The Melt)
  • The résumé appointment really helped bring out the best of me in my résumé and made me more professional. The mock interview really helped me enhance my interviewing and even speaking skills. (Helen, age 18, Staples)
  • Since it was my first job ever, the résumé appointment was extremely helpful because everything was explained thoroughly and done professionally. (Niki, age 15, James Event Productions)
  • The résumé and workshop appointment I had greatly helped me because I was able to rework my résumé, and I think greatly improve on it, and was able to look through multiple job opportunities. (Kenan, age 17, James Event Productions)
  • The résumé-building appointment has helped me to keep my résumé concise and focused on my abilities. The meeting also helped with simple formatting that is important toward getting the job. (Terrence, age 16, State Farm Insurance)

Advice for other job seekers:

  • Don't be nervous because you guys can do this! (Jennie, age 16, Central Irvine Kumon Center)
  • Use iYES; (staff were) super helpful on my résumé. (Simon, age 15, Premier Aquatics)
  • Take advantage of your resources. I was so confused about the job-seeking process before I dove into it, but once I came to IYES, they helped through every step of it, from job opportunities to résumés, and cover letters to the interview. The program was eager to help but it's important to know that you need to seek help first; they can't answer questions you don't ask. (Kate, age 17, State Farm Insurance)
  • My advice to job seekers my age would be to stay determined and persistent. It might take a while and you should be prepared for rejection. However, if you stay motivated and determined, I am sure you will be able to find the right job. If you put in the effort then you can succeed in your job hunt. Good luck! (Manar, age 17, State Farm Insurance)
  • Prepare for interviews, but over-memorizing and stressing won’t help. Just smile and try to have a normal conversation, but a little more professional. (Sachi, age 17, The Melt)
  • Keep applying. I got my job when my parents asked me to apply one more time after I had already given up hope. The jobs are out there! (Helen, age 18, Staples)
  • If it’s your first job and you’re having doubts or worries, just go for it! The people who hired me were kind and amazing and they couldn’t have been more helpful. It’s a great experience and you have people who fully support you all the way! (Niki, age 15, James Event Productions)
  • Do not give up quickly, and apply for a large variety of positions because any work experience could help you improve your résumé and get the position that you want. (Kenan, age 17, James Event Productions)
  • Make sure that you are truly enthusiastic for the job, not just in the application stages but also during your time working there. Also, always follow up. This advice was very important, especially since my employer was very busy during my hiring process and wasn't able to reply to my emails. It wasn't until I called that I quickly got to work my first day. (Terrence, age 16, State Farm Insurance)

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