What People are Saying

The single most important piece of advice received:

  • Give relevant responses to the job position you are seeking when you are being interviewed. (Ashley, age 16, Regents Point)
  • Be patient when you start your new job because it can be very hard in the beginning in the training stage. (Chelsea, age 16, Del Taco)
  • "You got this," because it reassured me that I could go out there, market myself and be hired by an employer. (Gia, age 17, Ray Cammack Shows Inc. – OC Fair)
  • Have confidence. With confidence, I was able to do well on my application and interview. (Ashley, age 16, Central Irvine Kumon)
  • Research the companies you're trying to get hired at. (Paul, age 18, Chipotle)
  • How to create a good résumé. (Sebastian, age 16, Monkey Sports)
  • How to apply for a job in person and how to respond accordingly. (Vicky, age 17, Skechers)
  • Never stop improving. There was always room for me to improve whenever I did mock interviews, and it all came with practice. Practicing in front of someone as many times as possible really does help. (Katherine, age 25, Americor Funding)
  • The mock interview was very helpful. (Daniel, age 17, State Farm Insurance)
  • To be honest about yourself. (Eric, age 17, City of Irvine HSYAT)

Lessons learned from the workshops and/or 1:1 appointments:

  • I learned about how the job seeking process works and how it can take several weeks or even months. The interview helped me prepare better responses that the interviewers would perceive in a more favorable light. (Ashley, age 16, Regents Point)
  • I learned what type of questions to prepare for and what questions to ask at the end of an interview. I also learned how to make a proper résumé using the right words and phrases. And I learned that you should stand up to shake hands too! (Chelsea, age 16, Del Taco)
  • They helped me learn the proper etiquette of following up, sending thank you notes and dressing properly. (Gia, age 17, Ray Cammack Shows, Inc. – OC Fair)
  • I learned the general process of applying for a job, how to write a good résumé and how to behave during an interview (attire, hand gestures, etc.). (Ashley, age 16, Central Irvine Kumon)
  • It made me aware of all the aspects of getting a job. (Paul, age 18, Chipotle)
  • I really didn’t know where to start on my résumé, but it looks good right now. (Sebastian, age 16, Monkey Sports)
  • The résumé meeting definitely showed me how to improve my résumé and format it correctly. The mock interview helped me prepare for any questions. (Vicky, age 17, Skechers)
  • These really helped me to gain more confidence and achieve a sense of belonging, and also helped me stand out in the best ways possible when doing interviews and presenting my résumé to the hiring manager. (Katherine, age 25, Americor Funding)
  • I realized a work résumé should include more volunteer experiences than academic accomplishments. (Daniel, age 17, State Farm Insurance)
  • The mock interview was very helpful! I had issues with stuttering and going off on incoherent tangents; the interview helped me understand that what you're saying might be interfered by how you say it. (Eric, age 17, City of Irvine HSYAT)

Advice for other job seekers:

  • Continue applying for positions despite the rejections. (Ashley, age 16, Regents Point)
  • Apply to several jobs to increase your chances of getting hired. (Chelsea, age 16, Del Taco)
  • Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and apply for any job. Always have confidence in yourself. (Gia, age 17, Ray Cammack Shows, Inc. – OC Fair)
  • Be honest and have confidence. Don't try to make yourself into someone you are not. (Ashley, age 16, Central Irvine Kumon) 
  • Treat your job interviews as frantically as a first date. Stalk your desired companies' social media and websites and learn about them. (Paul, age 18, Chipotle)
  • Keep an open mind about where you can work and pursue a job that you’re interested in. (Sebastian, age 16, Monkey Sports)
  • It's important to be relaxed and friendly in your interview. Make eye contact and smile. Also, providing personal stories and anecdotes helps the interviewer get to know you more. (Vicky, age 17, Skechers)
  • Never give up. Be as positive as possible when going in for that interview. (Katherine, age 25, Americor Funding)
  • Start early in order to gain more experience. (Daniel, age 17, State Farm Insurance)
  • You need to have something to bring to the table and you need to always know why you want this job. (Eric, age 17, City of Irvine HSYAT)



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