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Terror Threat Level to High Risk


As most of you are aware, the national threat level was raised to orange earlier this week in response to information regarding potential terrorist activities.  Be assured that the Irvine Police Department is monitoring the situation, and, as always, is at work keeping our community safe and well informed.  Information and web links are now available on this web site for each threat level and what they mean for the average citizen.  Irvine residents and businesses are encouraged to utilize this valuable resource to obtain up-to-date information regarding this vital issue. 

The City of Irvine Emergency Preparedness Office recommends that citizens be prepared for all emergencies, whether related to terrorism or other man-made or natural disasters.  An elevated threat alert may prompt some to take precautionary steps, but the reality is that in Southern California, a large-scale earthquake has the potential to exceed the destruction presented through terrorist acts.  Therefore it is prudent to prepare for the disruption of services that may occur during any major emergency or disaster. 

It is recommended that food, water, and first aid supplies be stored in a safe place, and that each household prepare an emergency plan for its members.  Take a first aid and CPR course. Better yet, take the eight-week Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training now offered by the Irvine Police Department and the Orange County Fire Authority.  If you have children, check on your school’s emergency plan. Include them in your emergency preparations.  Help them cope with their feelings during this time of uneasiness and tension.  Seek professional help for them if necessary. (Irvine residents can contact For Families for assistance in this area, at 949-724-6650.) Create an emergency communications plan utilizing an out-of-area contact, so that you can check on family members if you are separated during a disaster.  Practice escape drills at home and at work.  Take special precautions when traveling, and cooperate with new, more extensive security procedures.  To learn more about emergency preparedness, contact Irvine Emergency Management at 949-724-7148.  Brochures and training opportunities are available to all Irvine residents and businesses.  Additionally, questions regarding terrorism and preparedness can be emailed to the City of Irvine or the Irvine Police Department website. 

Be aware of your surroundings wherever you go, and take note of conspicuous or unusual behavior. For assistance with security recommendations for Irvine business, contact Preventive Services at 949-724-7042.  To report suspicious conduct or circumstances in Irvine, you are advised to call the Irvine Police Department’s Special Investigative Unit at 949-724-7135.  Prevention and intervention are the best methods for dealing with terrorist acts by capturing the perpetrators before they act.  Information gathered by residents can be useful in identifying persons or circumstances that appear unusual or suspicious.  Being a good witness and observant neighbor can be extremely helpful in this regard.  Whatever role you play, it is important that Irvine residents continue to stay committed and involved in community, celebrating diversity and keeping our city safe. 

For additional information, check out these websites: 

www.dhs.gov (Department of Homeland Security)
www.fema.gov (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
www.fbi.gov (Federal Bureau of Investigations)
www.bt.cdc.gov (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
www.redcross.org (American Red Cross
www.oes.ca.gov (California Office of Emergency Services)
www.oc.ca.gov (County of Orange)
www.oc.ca.gov/hca/public/bio.htm (Orange County Health Care Agency)
www.oc-redcross.org (Orange County Red Cross)