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On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Chief Maggard attended afternoon patrol briefing to acknowledge the lifesaving efforts of Officers Jason Nigro and Sarah Tunnicliffe. 

On December 16, 2011, Officers Nigro and Tunnicliffe made an emergency response to a Woodbridge residence where a 50-year old female had collapsed.  They arrived within three minutes of the initial call and found the woman's husband kneeling beside her on the floor, trying to perform CPR. 

Officer Tunnicliffe checked the woman’s vital signs and found she had no pulse.  She immediately began chest compressions while Officer Nigro positioned her head to open her airway. 

After two rounds of chest compressions, the woman had a faint pulse but was still not breathing.  Officer Nigro performed rescue breathing using and AMBU bag/CPR mask. 

During their attempts to revive her, the woman would seem to respond, only to cease breathing again.    After about five minutes of intermittent CPR, the subject regained consciousness and began to breathe on her own. 

The Orange County Fire Authority arrived while she was still conscious but had to restart CPR when the woman lapsed again. Paramedics treated and transported the woman to the hospital where she reached stable but critical status.